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This page lists the top Minecraft servers! Minecraft is a great single-player game, but playing on a server lets you interact with others. A server is a world that's run from a host computer. It allows you and others to connect to the server and load into any world it creates.

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1501Freedom Survival Towny...Freedom Survival Towny McMMO

Freedom Survival is a new survival Towny server with a good economy, McMMO and a few towns for you to join if you want to team up with someone, or you can use the admin shops to save cash to create your own town and build it up to the top. The ser...


Bedrock A Fun 1.18 Minecraft smp to have fun on with friends. Find new friends and explore the server. Map NEVER resets Everybody is welcome 3 Tons of features -Safari Nets -Hats -Sitting (Perfect for screen shots with ur fri...


Kingdom Roleplay met de kd1 midisti en bovisti map. Met wat unieke plugins zoals skills en de kingdom 1 wands.. Sluit je je aan bij Ljord of Jenava? of misschien zelfs wel Entropia, alles kan in KingCraft. Join nu!


ps. you gotta add the port to be able to connect to the server What is the server IP for ParticleBit? The server IP address for ParticleBit is particlebit.us.to:26685 In order to find the server IP please use the information provided on the left s...


[ Extraverse ] Malaysian Server server ip is extraverse.my - Land - Companions - Cilivizion - Rank Available friendly server. hope to see u soon


===Pincraft=== A growing LGBT+ gaming community. Our Minecraft server features mini-games, plots, and much more to come! Our main focus is on creating a friendly environment where users feel comfortable and accepted. ===Features=== Regular competi...


Servidor hispanohablante, actualmente disponemos de Survival, SkyBlock, Creativo, SkyWars y Practice!


Regular survival with a lot of plugins and no anti griefing for other players. Skyblock is coming soon but for now it's just survival.



1510City RoleplayCity Roleplay

We are proud to annouce the launch of the City Roleplay project! We are sorry to have kept you waiting, but now is the time we can show off the server! A ton of updates information will be coming out soon, so join our discord linked below for mo...


What is a Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft Server is an individual-run service that allows people to play together in Minecraft, the hugely popular block-building video game. You will need a copy Minecraft and the IP address for the Minecraft Server where you want to play. You can search our server list to see a variety of Minecraft servers offering different game modes. We have the best Minecraft Servers around the globe!

What is a Minecraft Server List and how do you use it?

This is what this website is! This site provides a list of services that allows Minecraft Server owners to be found through search engines like Google and Bing. Each listing will have a "Copy IP" button. This button allows you to copy the IP address of the server to your clipboard. Simply load Minecraft, select Multiplayer, and then paste the IP address (Ctrl+V), into the Server Address bar.

How can I locate the Minecraft Servers

There are so many Minecraft Servers all over the world. How do you find the best ones? Our platform allows you to search for the perfect Minecraft Server with all the game modes and players you want, as well as a supportive community. Voting is a free way to earn rewards on a Minecraft Server. We love to encourage this activity because it gives you the opportunity to make progress without any cost. These minecraft servers are ranked below based upon the votes that you, the players, cast by entering your username on any one of these servers.