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Bedwars Minecraft Servers are multiplayer servers that host the popular Bedwars game mode, which originated from the Hypixel server. Bedwars is a competitive team-based game where players must defend their beds and destroy the beds of other teams to eliminate them from the game. The ultimate goal is to be the last team standing.

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Jsme server zaloen v roce 2012. Kter je stle veden stejnm zakladatelem. Momentln jsme server kter je pes bungee ( vce serveru vzjemn propojench) proto si u ns mete zahrt na skyblocku, minihrch,Survivalu,creative,RPG a dal na kterch pracujeme. Dle na tchto serverech mete najt stovky pluginu. Nap s...

16GommeHD Network

GommeHD Network - Mini Games Spielmodi: - Bedwars - Trouble in Minecraft - Conquest - EnderGames - RageMode - Surf - SurvivalGames - AuraPvP | Event


UltimisMC - one of the best cracked servers in the world! We offer you an incomparable Minecraft experience, whether you prefer PvP, Parkour, or want to hang out with your friends! We have tons of game modes waiting for you! Such as our most popular ones: Bedwars, Survival, SkyPvP, Practice, Oneb...

244/1500online - Deutsche... ist einer der ltesten deutschen Minecraft-Server. Wir bieten euch: - Freebuild - Serverstdte - Spielerdrfer - Separate Resourcen- und Farmwelten - Minigames - Bedwars - Skyblock - Haustiere - und vieles mehr... Kontakt: www: Facebook:


Servidor brasileiro com MiniGames. Atualmente contamos com Bedwars, SkyWars, Build Battle, VersusYT, SmashMobs, UltraSkyWars. Plugins autorais com programadores experientes com minecraft.


Enter a whole new world of possibilities. "Helltree" 1.16 Hard no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival "Honeytree" 1.16 Easy no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival Open world terrain 1.16 Creative Server Bedwars Server Minigames Server coming soon! At a glance: Ranks, events, pets ...


Amethystea is a place for friends to create interesting things. When joining, you will be placed in our server lobby. You can find portals for Bedwars, SkyWars and Survival as well as basic information about our server. As our player-base expands, we intend to add additional mini games and worlds...

421BMMC Network

Multi-Server (11) Bungee community. Low latency servers with steady tps for players. For issues registering e-mail [email protected] We Updated SkyBlock to 1.16.x Nether regenerated for all new biomes in Nether! Events Server Announcement: (Info and sign-up https://www....

447TitoCraft 2.0

TitoCraft um servidores de Minecraft feito para os players. Temos como o nosso principal objetivo satisfazer a comunidade. Os nossos modos de jogo, so nicos e diferentes de qualquer outro servidor, personalizado a 100% pela nossa equipa. "Demasiado bom para ser verdade"? Vem ver! Modos ...


IronCraft - theres lot of minigames like Bedwars, skywars, kitpvp and more. There friendly staffs. We need more peoples to join so if you a new join this server you will help me a lot and goodbye. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


Survival, Skyblock, Bedwars, Kit-pvp, Essentials Economy, Crazy Crates, 1.8 Combat, Version-1.15.2, And Lots More Coming!! MAX PLAYERS-(35)

518Project Wonder

Project Wonder is a family friendly server with next games available: - Skyblock Aquatic - Skyblock - Survival Aquatic - Survival with Slimefun Lucky Blocks extensions. Slimefun basically makes the server modded, but there's no mods required. There's over 300 new items from drinks, to m...


feel the taste of adventure on our Survival+RPG+clans or Bedwars or Skyblock or Plots+creative. Server making with passion.

611Resouria Survival

Welcome to Resouria! Despite being natively 1.18, we support all versions of the game from 1.8 to 1.18 as well as on all platforms from Java to Playstation to Mobile, meaning you can play with your friends cross-platform! Resouria is built around custom terrain generation. Our world is built of o...

639CrazyPig Family Friend...

Welcome to the Crazy Pig Family Friendly Minecraft Server. Crazy Pig is a Minecraft Server network run by an international community of parents, with the aim of providing a safe and friendly environment suitable for players of all ages. -LOBBY. Where everyone arrives, and where you can access all...

712Dirty Dog Gaming

Dirty Dog Gaming Join IP: Are you looking for the a unique minecraft experience? At Dirty Dog Gaming we don't want to be like everyone else... We are doing our best to add as much custom content as possible without ruining the vanilla survival game-play Dont take my ...


A chill server with the following gamemodes: - Survival (No destroying peoples builds, hacks, or Xray) - Arena (To vibe, PvP, and test your (item) survival gamemode PvP items) - Bedwars (Bedwars is Bedwars) - Skyblock (Get blocks, sell them, kill custom mobs for loot, Buy things from the shop) MO...

0/0online / JE

Unser erster Server, der die Lobby aus Wolkenkratzern besteht, und wir sind auch der erste Server der mit Aternos gehostet ist. Der Server soll der Server aus Community Wnschen kommen, soll der modernste Server Deutschlands sein und der bester Server als GommeHD! Es gibt: 1vs1 Bedwars Murder Must...

803Garrettmc Network

We have creativie,anarchy, Bedwars, survival, creative, skyblock, and duels.We are always going to be expanding our games as time goes on. join and have fun on a non whitelisted smp. come be a part of the community today


Welcome To GhostCraft. Yet Another Survival Experience! Need Youtubers Worthy Staff, And Interested Players GameModes Survival Valorant The Pit Bedwars


PvE and PvP multi language server. 1.7-1.18 You can play Survival 1.18, Skywars 1.7-1.8, Bedwars 1.7-1.8, ArenaPvP 1.7-1.8, Microbattles 1.7-1.8 PvE y PvP multi idioma server. 1.7-1.18 Puedes jugar Survival 1.18, Skywars 1.7-1.8, Bedwars 1.7-1.8, ArenaPvP 1.7-1.8, Microbattles 1.7-1.8


A Space Themed Server with Bedwars, KitPvP, Bedwars and more!!! ----Grand Opening Sale!!!!----


Informasjon om NordicSky Minecraft NordicSky Minecraft vart lansert 11 April 2021. Vi prver forholde oss p en norsk minecraft server med Gull spade som vrt beskyttelse system der spillere kan lage sin egen by-samfunn p serveren. Vi har andre aktiviter som parkour baner og artige spillmodus som Be...


Here are some key aspects of Bedwars Minecraft Servers:

  1. Team-based Gameplay: Bedwars is primarily played in teams, typically consisting of 2 to 4 players. Each team starts with a bed, and the objective is to protect your own bed while attempting to destroy the beds of other teams. Teams work together to gather resources, upgrade their defenses, and launch coordinated attacks on rival teams.

  2. Resource Gathering and Upgrades: In Bedwars, players need to collect resources, such as iron and gold, by mining generators located on their team's island. These resources can be used to purchase various upgrades and items from the in-game shop. Upgrades may include improved armor, better weapons, defensive structures, and special abilities to gain an advantage over opponents.

  3. Bed Protection: The bed serves as the team's respawn point, and it must be protected at all costs. If a player dies, they can respawn as long as their team's bed is intact. However, if the bed is destroyed, the player will be eliminated from the game permanently. This adds a strategic element, as teams must balance between defending their own bed and launching attacks on other teams.

  4. PvP Combat: Bedwars involves intense player-versus-player (PvP) combat. Players engage in battles with opponents using weapons and armor they acquire from the in-game shop. Skilled combat and strategy play a crucial role in determining the outcome of encounters, as teams must coordinate their attacks and defend against incoming enemies.

  5. Base Building and Defenses: Teams can construct defensive structures, such as walls, traps, and obstacles, around their base to protect their bed and prevent enemy players from reaching it. Building effective defenses requires careful planning and coordination among team members to create a strong fortification.

  6. Eliminating Opposing Teams: The primary objective in Bedwars is to eliminate all the beds of the opposing teams. Once a team's bed is destroyed, they can no longer respawn. The last team standing, with their bed intact, is declared the winner of the game.

  7. Different Game Modes and Maps: Bedwars servers often feature various game modes and a selection of maps with different themes and layouts. This variety adds replayability and keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting for players.

  8. Competitive Environment: Bedwars Minecraft Servers foster a competitive environment, where players can engage in ranked matches, tournaments, or compete for leaderboard rankings. This allows players to showcase their skills, teamwork, and strategic prowess against other skilled players.

Bedwars Minecraft Servers provide an engaging and fast-paced team-based gameplay experience. With its focus on base defense, resource gathering, strategic attacks, and intense PvP combat, Bedwars has become a popular game mode within the Minecraft community. Whether playing casually with friends or competing in a competitive setting, Bedwars offers an exciting and challenging multiplayer experience for Minecraft players.