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Rank Name Server Players Status
41Clan Conquest

play.clanconquest.com anyone can join! What is Clan Conquest? The aim of Clan Conquest is to have the most powerful clan around. It is a survival-based game, where you have lots of different skills and levels. You can see these with /profile. As you level up, you can craft better things and use b...

69HazelMC Network

What is the server IP for Hazelmc network? The IP address of Hazelmc network Minecraft server is hazelmc.com How to join Hazelmc network server? Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and in...

99Claytonia Semi-Vanilla

A small friendly community of Minecraft players come together to enjoy some survival Minecraft. New content is being added such as raid bosses and dungeons. We are currently running Minecraft 1.9 with McMMO!


Estas cansado de lo mismo en todas las modalidades? Entonces te gustara VeltusMC aqu vas a encontrar distintas modalidades con un aventura distinta a otro servidores, en el Survival vas a poder encontrar Dungeons, Misiones, Jefes, Clanes y hasta meteoritos todo esto sin ningn tipo de mod, tambin ...


Starfall is a minecraft roleplay server aimed at those interested in magic and fantasy based lore. Youll find yourself in a world where stars rain down from the sky full of power and wonder, where danger lurks and old civilisations have been left to crumble. There are dangerous foes and mystical ...


Around since 2011, we have seen Minecraft change quite a bit. We have a strong and easygoing community, with friendly players who will get you on your way. On VillageCraft, you can build a village to whatever style you feel, get it protected by one of our friendly staff, and then manage it howeve...


Casual-Craft is a relaxed Minecraft community created for players by players. We allow AFK farms and contraptions to be built on the server and feature a growing spawn filled with player shops. The casual-craft economy relies mainly on diamonds. If you are interested, we would love to meet you, p...

194Bulba Unity

At Bulba Unity we strive for fair and enjoyable play. Our friendly and active staff ensure our players are protected from online bullying and harassment. Events are hosted monthly with great prizes to be won! Some of our features include: Gyms within a story mode setting (Coming soon!) A battle t...


This a Pixelmon 3.5.2 server run by 2 people, We try our hardest to provide a NO-LAG server for everyone. Our intention is to make a Fun and healthy community , we are soon to offer donation ranks for hardcore players. No, our server is not Pay to Win, we just want to see people have fun. Yes, th...

205Supernatural Fantasy F...

Supernatural Fantasy Factions is a factions server as the name suggests. The point is to build up your faction and dominate the others. There is a server shop where you can buy things such as building blocks, decor, and food. You can form alliances or rack up on rivals, the choice is yours. Every...

242PokeMC Pixelmon 4.2.7

Kanto 1.8.9 is here! PokeMC Home Page: http://pokemc.com/ Server IP: latest.pokemc.com We welcome all of you to join our 1.8.9 Kanto server! How to join: http://pokem.com/download We hope you enjoy your stay with us! If you have any comments or suggestions, please post on our forum! http://pokemc...


SaharaSMP is a community driven PvE server that aims to be as close to a vanilla HermitCraft experience as possible. We pride ourselves on being friendly, inclusive and mature; with our growing player base often collaborating and helping each other out. If you love Hermitcraft this is the server ...

269The Plant

Welcome to the plant! We are a small box mining server but still have a lot to offer! We have got dungeons parkour different dimensions and we update plenty!

275The Mystic Chicken

Welcome to The Mystic Chicken! Our Server is for ages 16+ but mostly adults play here. Our community is laid back and drama free. We welcome all to join the server to have fun and escape from real world for awhile. If you join the server you will start off in our spawn world of the safe haven Egg...


Welcome to GenuineMC! A Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server Established: July 8th, 2013 Who are we? GenuineMC is a Semi-Vanilla server that is ran by the community! We have attracted individuals of various ages and nationalities who have found themselves at home on our Server. Their voices have helped ...


A semi-vanilla Geopolitical Server with an Earth Map! Realistic wars and politics, powerful countries and a non-toxic playerbase. Instead of using Towny or Factions for land-claiming, we use a vanilla style system of Claiming which is very convenient. Democratic Staff Elections every month! Join ...


The First 1.16 HCF server that is very fun server and changing the hcf comminuty. its very fun server and i think hot girls in your area! please join smh



1.7.10 Exploration mods Transportation mods Armour and food and weapons! I will be starting fresh and build a small town with some people and then I hope to spread it out and then reach for the stars with Galacticraft


A network with a focus on creativity and building, with family-friendly chat, and several servers to be enjoyed! We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity. We were founded in 2013, and has been running for over 7 years! Survival No PVP, No Grief, Building Based...


PvPcraft free TARDIS server survival server including TARDIS plugin and towny. Join your fellow time lords in an epic journey across space and time in the wonderful terrain pvpcraft has to offer. Journy across multiple worlds in a way you could previously only imagine.

400Adventure Hat

Adventure Hat is a small Role Playing Minecraft server. We have race selection, custom Mithril gear (Coming soon), Mob Arena, and, monthly server Olympics! (Coming VERY Soon) Our website is still under development! ***PLEASE NOTE***This server works on Minecraft 1.7.10 and Minecraft 1.8 but 1.8 i...


Welcome to Minecraft Tips & Tricks! We are a welcoming community which wishes you would join! We are a survival server and hoping to do roleplay when we get enough members. If you want to join, join our discord first that way I can whitelist you. Hope you join!

424Entorais Minecraft

Family friendly white listed semi-vanilla server. Contact server owner via Discord to join. Using these mods: CreativeGates - quick travel using player built gate network HorseTpWithMe - tp on horseback PickupArrows - grab skeleton arrows xBack - death coordinates Dynamic Map URL: http://144.217....

477Global Lands

Welcome to the Global Lands Server Voting. We would like to thank you for your support to the server. If you haven't already, make sure you do /discord in server chat to join our discord, where you can get up to date information with what goes down in the server. Thank you again from the Glob...