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NetherPortal is hosted in New Zealand. This Server has Creative and Survival and you can level up to get commands and etc. There is: 0.Hobo 1.Noob 2.Memeber 3.CoolDude 4.Elite 5.Mod 6.CoOwner 7.Owner which is impossible to get, We are working on t...


QwertzVille is hosted in New Zealand. Welcome to QwertzVille! The ultimate survival server! Here, we have fun plugins, such as SilkSpawners, Crates, Holographic Chest Shops, /wild, and much more! And also, the first 3 people to join get a free sla...

1419Etherus Survival - Lan...Etherus Survival - LandClaims - Economy

Etherus Survival - LandClaims - Economy is hosted in New Zealand. Welcome to Etherus Survival 2.0! This server has been running for a few days, and has had a player count of 11 people at one time, crazy right! xD. This server has a small community...

1833Onion SMPOnion SMP

Onion SMP is hosted in New Zealand. we focus on a vanilla feel rather than poisioning the server with plugins, we only have 3 plugins, GriefProvention (to claim bases to stop griefers), MultiverseCore (for admins) and worldedit (for admins). We ar...