Romania Minecraft Servers

Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft adventure by exploring the finest servers hosted in Romania. Whether you crave intense PvP battles, cooperative gameplay, or endless creativity, these servers, based in Romania, deliver an immersive gaming experience tailored to your region.

Immerse yourself in a vast array of game modes and vibrant communities, ranging from survival and factions to minigames, roleplaying, and beyond. With their local infrastructure in Romania, these servers guarantee seamless connections and uninterrupted gameplay for players within the region.

Minecraft Servers Hosted in Romania

Rank Name Server Players Status
76Addicted2 Network

Bun venit pe Addicted2 Network, o comunitate dedicată jucătorilor români de Minecraft care caută o experiență profesională și variată alături de alți jucători pasionați. Ne-am propus să oferim un mediu lipsit de lag și bu...


Welcome to Lejiunea, the immortal realm now brought to life in Minecraft! Step into our server and immerse yourself in a multitude of exciting games and experiences, including:🌳 SkyBlock: Test your survival skills on a floating island and create your own thriving ecosystem.🔳 SkyGr...

169Gods Realm Romania

Bun venit în Gods Realm Romania, o comunitate în plină ascensiune dedicată oferirii unei experiențe de neuitat!Suntem o comunitate recent deschisă și lucrăm din greu în fiecare zi pentru a crea un mediu cât mai plăcut și pentru a v...


Welcome to PLAY.xMania.RO, your ultimate destination for a variety of thrilling Minecraft game modes and a vibrant community!Experience the excitement of Survival, where you'll test your skills in a challenging environment filled with endless possibilities. Build, gather resources, and survive th...


Uncover exceptional gameplay features, custom plugins, and dedicated server moderators who ensure fairness and an enjoyable experience for all. Engage with fellow players, foster new friendships, and participate in exhilarating events and competitions. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer, these servers provide an enchanting environment to unleash your Minecraft prowess.

Elevate your Minecraft journey by venturing into the realm of Romania-based servers, where you can join a thriving community, indulge in exceptional gameplay, and create lasting memories with fellow players. Begin your exploration today and discover the limitless possibilities that await you in the captivating world of Romania Minecraft servers.