Creative Minecraft Servers

Creative Minecraft Servers are multiplayer servers that are specifically designed for players who want to unleash their creativity and build freely within the game. These servers provide a creative mode gameplay experience, where players have access to unlimited resources, the ability to fly, and the freedom to construct and design elaborate structures, landscapes, and redstone contraptions.

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Willkommen auf unserer Dorfmine! Die Dorfmine ist ein deutschsprachiger Minecraft-Server fr bis zu 100 Spieler, mit einem klassischen Freebuild Konzept und umfangreichen Zonensystem, damit deine Bauwerke rundum geschtzt sind - du suchst dir einfach einen schnen Ort, platzierst eine Kiste und erst...


Server is running in the UK, 1.16.5 Cross-platform (Java Edition, Pocket Edition/Bedrock Edition) Everyone is welcome! From all regions and all languages! * Server IP Java: * Server IP for Bedrock/Pocket edition: , and the port is the default "40123" port W...


Welcome to, we are a fun Minecraft server network specifally for Scouts all over the world! We have custom plugins, a great community and exciting new gamemodes that are unique to us. We have a strong, dedicated, trained staff team who all Scout too! We are always looking to improv...


Petit Serveur o vous pouvez faire une survie seul ou avec vos amis. Soit en survie simple soit en survie plus difficile.


We are a family friendly server that currently offers a lobby, survival and Creative with Minigames, a Modded SkyBlock and Discord. Our community was created from a group of admins and staff from TownCraft. All players are considered Ohana/Family where no one gets left behind. We believe in creat...

365Nitrocube | Serveur Mi...

Bienvenue sur notre serveur Nitrocube, un serveur plein de mini jeux avec classement, VIP et event ! Il dispose de nombreux jeux, une boussole de tlportation vous permet de jouer de nombreux jeux originaux : - Le Rush et le Divided Together - Le PVP SOUPE avec KITS - Le Murder - Le OITC | OITB | ...


IronCraft - theres lot of minigames like bedwars, skywars, kitpvp and more. There friendly staffs. We need more peoples to join so if you a new join this server you will help me a lot and goodbye. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

382EpicMC Rocks

A unique platform where you learn coding with Minecraft! Use a drag/drop paradigm to connect blocks together to create your own mods! Create minigames or play some of ours.


A new Alpha SkyMining/SkyPvP Server ( B u i l d e r s w a n t e d ! ) This server is not finished yet, so be patient for when it comes out, specifically October 13th.

402QuantumBlocks Minecraft

A Server Network loaded with different ways to play your favorite game. Check out today to enter a world of survival, Creative, skyblock, hunger games, and many more! JOIN NOW!

419GuildCraft Network

Welcome to GuildCraft network! We have just entered a new era of the server, with a lot of new things and many new changes! We offer many different games with our custom made plugins, maps, and games. Our goal is to bring that premium server experience to those who cannot afford Minecraft itself.


A cracked minecraft server network exclusively for Aussie and hosted in Perth. We offer anarchy, Creative, and survival servers that are kept on 24/7 Java: Bedrock: Port: 19132 (Default) Education: Port: 19133

436RevCorp RPG-Towny

RevCorp RPG-Towny Brand New Server! This server is brand new and totally customized for you to enjoy a RPG Minecraft with quests NPCs and Towny in a new way! Some Rules: Dont ask for OP or Creative. We have built a server where you can build and explore as much as you want with towny as the main ...


NivalisMC is a brand new server focused on providing a dedicated Creative experience! We feature - Free World Edit Daily - Customizable Big Plots - Exciting custom cosmetics - Fun minigames - A fun and wholesome environment Come join us and have fun!


We are a new server that is just getting started, we strive to have a community and are currently taking looking for staff!


Join our Discord! Why you should check NostalgiaCraft out! - Friendly community - Active Economy - Set homes - Vanilla gameplay - Lag-free

451KeiNett Gaming

KeiNett Gaming Just visit for more server information Short description: Keinett features a multiserver environment with many gamemodes to choose from. Come and swing by and see if you'll like it here!

453RexKraft Survival

Welcome to Survival Green (1.17.1)! The new and improved survival experience! We have spent far too long on developing and adjusting various areas to make the experience of the Rexkraft better for you! We have so much to offer, with some that you may already be familiar with, and some that you ar...

457OneShot MC

OneShotMC is a Minecraft TNT cannon server that is dedicated to testing the limits of your imagination and your cannoning skills. With cannon security and many custom plugins built for cannoning testing, we attempt to make your design process as efficient and easy as possible. By default players ...


A network with a focus on creativity and building, with family-friendly chat, and several servers to be enjoyed! We aim to be different and to give a safe place to experiment with creativity. We were founded in 2013, and has been running for over 7 years! Survival No PVP, No Grief, Building Based...

469FamilyMC Survival

Welcome to the FamilyMC network! We are fully 1.17 release. We strive to provide a safe environment for everyone to play in 24/7 with 100% uptime and absolutely 0 lag. We run across two high quality professional dedicated servers featuring our main machine with an overclocked i9-9900k running at ...

472Mitegun4Me (M4M)

M4M!! | =D | join| if you play every day when server is online you may win ONLINE rank!! This rank can be gained until 2/1/2021!!

477Jaggy Minecraft Network

We are a Minecraft network with some custom minecraft server plugins. Our Creative server has plots with a huge area for you to work in, and our survival is a pvp factions server. We also are working on an rpg server.


Wir sind, ein deutsches jedoch europaweit agierendes Multigaming Netzwerk. Wir bieten kostenlose Gameserver fr folgende Spiele: - Minecraft - Rust - ARK - Terraria - CS:GO - GMOD (TTT/DarkRP)


Polski serwer jCraft - Survival/Creative 24/7


Here are some key aspects of Creative Minecraft Servers:

  1. Creative Mode: Creative Minecraft Servers enable players to enter the game in creative mode, which grants them unlimited resources and the ability to fly. In this mode, players do not need to gather or mine resources, and they can instantly access a wide range of blocks and items to build with.

  2. Building and Construction: Creative servers provide an environment where players can unleash their imagination and build virtually anything they can envision. From grand architectural marvels to pixel art, sculptures, redstone contraptions, and elaborate landscapes, the possibilities are virtually limitless. The only restriction is the player's creativity and imagination.

  3. Collaboration and Showcasing: Creative servers often foster a community of builders who collaborate, share ideas, and showcase their creations. Players can collaborate on large-scale projects, work together on building competitions, or simply inspire and learn from each other's creations. Creative servers serve as a platform for builders to showcase their talent and receive feedback from fellow players.

  4. World Editing Tools: Creative servers often provide additional tools or plugins that enhance the building experience. These tools can include world editing plugins that allow players to manipulate large areas of the world more efficiently. With these tools, players can copy and paste structures, terraform landscapes, and perform other advanced editing functions.

  5. Creative Contests and Events: Creative servers frequently organize building contests, events, and challenges to encourage players to push their creative boundaries. These competitions can have specific themes, time limits, or building constraints, adding an extra layer of excitement and friendly competition to the creative gameplay experience.

  6. Resource and Inspiration Libraries: Some Creative Minecraft Servers offer resource libraries or inspiration galleries where players can access pre-built structures, schematics, or custom-made blocks and items. These resources can serve as inspiration for their own creations or be used directly in their building projects.

  7. Community Interaction and Feedback: Creative servers often have a strong sense of community, where players can interact with each other, provide feedback on creations, and collaborate on group projects. The server community may have forums, Discord servers, or other communication channels to facilitate interaction and support among players.

  8. Showcasing and World Tours: Creative servers may offer world tours or designated areas where players can showcase their builds to the rest of the community. These tours can provide inspiration, allow players to explore impressive creations, and foster a sense of admiration and appreciation for the talent and creativity of fellow builders.

Creative Minecraft Servers offer a haven for builders and players who enjoy the freedom of limitless creativity. These servers provide a platform for players to express themselves, collaborate with others, and construct incredible structures and landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned builder looking to showcase your skills or a beginner exploring your creative potential, Creative Minecraft Servers offer an immersive and fulfilling gameplay experience.