Minecraft Hardcore Servers

Are you looking for the best Minecraft servers that are hardcore? These servers are carefully curated to give you the best possible gameplay experience.

If you are a gamer who enjoys real challenges where every decision is important, hardcore might be the right style for you. The hardcore mode is available in Minecraft's pixelated world. Your entire world will disappear if you die!

A hardcore Minecraft server will issue you a temporary ban on your death. After a certain time or when all the players have died, this ban will expire. This makes Minecraft more fun and allows you to think through every decision before making it.

If you enjoy high stakes gaming, then take a look at these top Hardcore Minecraft servers! You will be enthralled by at least one of these servers!

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McAnvil is categorized in Hardcore servers. Obsidian Breaker: Most Factions servers don't include this nifty plugin. Our configuration will allow TNT that is not protected by water (use hybrid cannons for water!) to be blown up in 5 direct exp...

23serwer lecraft.plserwer lecraft.pl

serwer lecraft.pl is categorized in Hardcore servers. Serwer minecrafta lecraft.pl tryby survival minigames freebuild budowanie domw na creative jak zbudowa dom najlepszy serwer do minecraf 1.11 mamy te wersje 1.7.2 ale nowsze lepsze bo s nowe blo...

31Advancius NetworkAdvancius Network

Advancius Network is categorized in Hardcore servers. BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system that is integrated i...

43The Mining DeadThe Mining Dead

The Mining Dead is categorized in Hardcore servers. In this Minecraft rendition of AMCs The Walking Dead, fight off walkers with guns and melees, and team up with other players! Choose from over 30 unique kits, and enter our brand new 5,000 by 5,0...

47Lord Of The CraftLord Of The Craft

Lord Of The Craft is categorized in Hardcore servers. Forget everything you know about Roleplay. Lord of the Craft is here to offer a radically different, impressively immersive journey into a genuine medieval fantasy universe. Lord of the Craft i...

53The SeedThe Seed

The Seed is categorized in Hardcore servers. The Seed was created with one thing in mind - Minecraft. For the players that are looking for a server that has countless custom-coded features, The Seed isn't for you. While we do have custom featu...


Valatic is categorized in Hardcore servers. Today Valatic reached a new player count. Valatic reached over 400 unique players on at a single time. Thank you all for your support and we cannot wait to continue to grow more and more with all of you!

70Immortal SurvivalImmortal Survival

Immortal Survival is categorized in Hardcore servers. The Immortal Server is the biggest survival minecraft server out there with ability to hold up to 1000 concurrent players in its network. It is committed to the vanilla gameplay experience and ...

74PROJECTS turk survival...PROJECTS turk survival sunucu

PROJECTS turk survival sunucu is categorized in Hardcore servers. IP: mc.projects.gg / Site: https://projects.gg/ Kraken, Hadean(Survival)'e katlmak iin 1.18.1; Dragonborn(Factions) ve Dead End(Survival)'a katlmak iin 1.8.9 ve st herhangi ...

83HazelMC NetworkHazelMC Network

HazelMC Network is categorized in Hardcore servers. What is the server IP for Hazelmc network? The IP address of Hazelmc network Minecraft server is hazelmc.com How to join Hazelmc network server? Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" bu...


OnlyVanilla is categorized in Hardcore servers. OnlyVanilla is a brand new 100% vanilla server. There is ONLY one rule! No Hacking -We have a supportive community and mulitple groups! - The server is 8 months old and we have many players from seve...


SteelPvP is categorized in Hardcore servers. The First 1.16 HCF server that is very fun server and changing the hcf comminuty. its very fun server and i think hot girls in your area! please join smh


Minewind is categorized in Hardcore servers. Minewind is a next generation survival server designed to run the latest Minecraft version without any server-side lag. The world is your oyster. Play the way you want and discover all of our custom ite...

154Latin CraftersLatin Crafters

Latin Crafters is categorized in Hardcore servers. Servidor No premium para usuarios latinos amantes del survival clsico y el PVP de torneo. Por el momento esta en desarrollo y esperamos que futuros usuarios guen el camino del servidor.

174Creeper CityCreeper City

Creeper City is categorized in Hardcore servers. PvP LOOKING FOR TESTERS! SERVER IS NOT OPEN! JUST PVP Soon to have survival factions with drugs and hardcore scenarios. As well as survival plots! (hopefully an original idea)

187Flan-Z ReloadedFlan-Z Reloaded

Flan-Z Reloaded is categorized in Hardcore servers. FLAN-Z RELOADED ------ A world awaits you full of misery, despair, hunger, depression, thirst, betrayal, and bloodshed. When one experiment was one too many, and changed the face of the planet fo...

220SkyePlex NetworkSkyePlex Network

SkyePlex Network is categorized in Hardcore servers. A kid friendly server faction and survival server with a good community and nice staff!! Join now! Staff needed! Survival, Factions, MCMMO, PvP, Raiding, Survival, Hardcore, Parkour, and more!


NOBSMC is categorized in Hardcore servers. Players are thrown into a world of turmoil and despair as the free for all PvP world tests players' skills in combat. Make friends quickly in order to survive; create factions and expand to nations to...


ClubMinePenguin is categorized in Hardcore servers. ClubMinePenguin is a Club Penguin based server, made for all ages. We aim to bring a friendly, safe, and fun Club Penguin experience into Minecraft. As of now, we offer our scale replica of Class...

261GameFack NetworkGameFack Network

GameFack Network is categorized in Hardcore servers. GameFack Network IP play.gamefack.online Survival Factions Survival Vanilla Survival Extreme SkyBlock SkyWars CounterStrike ArcadeGames DISCORD: https://discord.gg/5UbxQwt


Pearlmc is categorized in Hardcore servers. Pearlmc is a graylist, anticheat, survival server that offers balance between fun and challenging play. It has four worlds: Lokai, Dasmir, Essalo, and Ateph. Lokai offers a "normal" overworld e...


SGCraft is categorized in Hardcore servers. Fancy an almost vanilla and cracked server? SGCraft is the place to be. We are a new server set up in July 2019 and will be expanding! If you are unable to connect, please use the ip play2.sgcraft.net in...


Zero is categorized in Hardcore servers. Zero is a parkour, mazes and puzzles server, there are over 150 levels and a hardcore system which includes 11 levels. Server Hardware: Dedicated server / Hexacore / 24 GB DDR3 / 2x 120GB SSD / Gigabit conn...


VexusMC is categorized in Hardcore servers. Bienvenidos a VexusMC Network, una comunidad recin reformada!- Actualmente ofrecemos - Survival - Factions - PvPUP - BuildUHC - KnockBack FFA!


Sheikah is categorized in Hardcore servers. - Vanilla 1.15.1 - Sauvegarde complte tous les jours 00h00 - L'Administrateur a la possibilit de rollback une zone en cas de Grief. - Si 50% des joueurs sont dans un lit la nuit peut tre pass. - Une ...


Finding Hardcore Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Hardcore Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Hardcore server received). Whenever you're looking for small Hardcore server or huge Minecraft network where Hardcore is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Hardcore server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.