Minecraft Economy Servers

This list will help you find the best Economy Minecraft servers! The name of an Economy server is a great way to get started if you have never used it before. You'll need to complete tasks that you are familiar with such as mining gems or collecting resources in order to earn currency.

Each server will have its own currency rules. You can exchange the currency you have earned for fun items and other perks once you have enough. Minecraft Economy servers let you play the game as normal, but you can also earn valuable coins that you can exchange for other items.

To compile this useful list, we carefully reviewed all servers. The list will provide multiple options for you to choose from, as well as alternatives if you are looking for a particular set of rules. It's easy to see how many players are online, and then follow the link to the server's site.

Play Minecraft Economy Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status

HEY YOU! HayCube welcomes you with open arms! Join us now and help us achieve our goal of making a strong community together! With tons of features, you won't get bored anytime soon! We are currently focusing on Survival and will be expanding to other gamemodes in the near future!

110DifferentCraft - Towny...

Want A awesome Small Minecraft towny server with cool plugins such as Jobs, McMMO, Auctions, Diablo Drops, SkyDiving, Mob Arena And More? Well This is the server for you Our Minecraft Towny Server has evolved around the famous plugin Towny. We are a unique minecraft Towny server with lots of thin...


wow crazy top player of the week and get mending and frost walker i mean that is beast and i can beat jack so i can make him jelly but i took his so i have to give him mine that i get if i get top player of the week

113FraggleCraft | OP Prison

100% Custom OP Prison Christmas Event! - Special Event Currency with Event Shop! - Find and Collect all the hidden Presents! - Send Christmas Gifts to other players! - Feed reindeer treats to unlock Global Bonuses! - Complete 11 Limited-Time Achievements! - Collect all 100+ Limited-Time Things! -...


WolvHaven is a game server for the popular game Minecraft with a friendly, welcoming and warm community. We offer: - Survival Multiplayer - Creative World - Urban Society Roleplay - A realistic, extensive Metro Rail system - Economy system - Town-building world - And more! We are also home to the...


Empirecraft - SandBox ! . 2012 . . . (Survival+) -, . . =========================================================== : , . ===========================================================


CastawayMC is a hybrid prison server. You awake to find yourself stranded on a mysterious island, and no one seems to remember how they got there. Work your way up through the ranks by gathering resources and trading with villagers in hopes of getting your own personal island paradise!


We are a skyblock server looking for a good time lol. We are currently in the middle of an event that Ghasts drop crate keys (rare but still) so feel free to log on and try to get them!!


Discover TraizelCraft! We are a crossplay and crossversion server with a custom Factions RPG! We have Factions, Dungeons, Parkour, Custom Loot, a vast open world, many enemies and bosses to fight, and more. We also do events through our discord and have many more gamemodes to come in the future!

128Sovereign Geeks

Currently in beta. A family (kid) friendly Towny server with Slimefun and other geeky items. A few minigames and a creative server with plot management.


GoldenLeaf is a friendly Survival/Towny and Creative Network with an energetic community. Built on transparency and hard work, we strive to bring a fair and fun opportunity to all players. The server is 100 non-pay to win, with custom plugins and unique opportunities like earning player vaults an...

130Toasty Kraftz

This server allows both Pocket Edition players and Java Edition players to play at the same time, so hop on your phone or the windows 10 edition and come play with those as well!!!! This server is under heavy maintenance due to Pocket Edition not being able to use swords etc but come help our com...


Alinea is a small hard mode and close-to-vanilla survival server! We are a welcoming and tight-knit community from all around the world and for people of all ages! *KEY FEATURES* - Small world with no teleports - Very Close to vanilla with minimal commands - PVP is allowed in the wild - Balanced ...


We're a brand new Hermitcraft-style SMP server! We encourage players of any level of experience to join! SunsetSurvival is a vanilla server, but we have added several plug-ins to make the game more fun! Head to our discord if you're interested in joining the server!

141The Mushroom Co. Survival

A nice friendly small survival server. We at Webbcraft are a closely knit community of helpful players with friendly staff. Our aim at Mushroom Co. is to provide the best server experience for any player; we try to cater for any Minecraft playing style. There's a pvp arena for PVP and an awes...


Small Friendly community Player run Economy Normal survival Player vs Environment Grief-free (No Land Claim System) Theft-free

144Havoc Empire

Java ip -- havocempire.apexmc.co BedrockIP -- port-- 25600 NEW 1.18 world generation! Join on version 1.8 - 1.18! 1.18 is recommended Silk spawners Safari nets Player Economy PVP Grief protection Monthly events! Player shops! And many more greate features! Join our discord for mo...


Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/rmNcuGX Why you should check NostalgiaCraft out! - Friendly community - Active Economy - Set homes - Vanilla gameplay - Lag-free

148Seventh Mirror

Seventh Mirror is an Earth server that uses a 1:500 recreation of Earth as the map. Gold ingots are the currency of the server, and you can use them to claim land with towny. We use Dynmap to show you your player's location in the world, and a host of other custom plugins in order to enhance ...


[1.16.4] [24/7] [Survival] [Semi-Vanilla] [Spigot] [Ranks] [Economy] [Shops] [Protections] [Anti Grief Tools] [Helpful Staff] [Friendly Community] - Multiple ranks for you to earn! - Economy and shops to buy and sell items! - Block and land protections, no need to worry about those pesky griefers...

152JhoS - Minecraft Server

The former [LMT] Server is back with other name. Clan Jhoo has brought the server back to you with a new map, new ideas and a lot of features, but with some of the old staff remaining. You can create a faction and play with your friends, raiding dungeons with your party, leveling up skills and ge...

153Shadow Realms

New SMP Server, minimal game changing plugins, great community and staff! If you are looking for a great community to join and play an amazing SMP experience along side, feel free to join! Plugins installed on server: Essentials, Jobs, and More

158Cosmic Network

Cosmic Network is a new network which was originally created to promote the idea of skyblock, we feature alot of features including - PvP - Bosses - Custom Recipes - Crop based Economy - $30 Paypal Payouts! and so much more to discover. CosmicSKB.minehut.gg

160The Loft MC

Freeplay (1.16.x) offers the following: - Grief protection - Survival + Creative modes - PvE + Dueling - Useful vehicles (e.g. helicopters and drills) Discord: https://discord.gg/qjfZtTh IP: play.theloftmc.com


CivEarth is a brand new 1:1000 Earth map Minecraft server! Join over 1000 unique players with a diverse community and a mature and helpful staff. We have many unique plugins for you to enjoy including Towny, MCMMO, a digital Economy, auctions, PvP Duels, marriage, quests, vehicles, dungeons and m...


Finding Economy Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Economy Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Economy server received). Whenever you're looking for small Economy server or huge Minecraft network where Economy is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Economy server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.