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304Sector Alpha Survival

Welcome to Sector Alpha's Minecraft Survival! Here we run a vanilla minecraft server with no extensive plugins to change the survival experience. Either go into the newly generated wilderness or travel to the past builds of previous players. If you're planning to build large structures jo...

306sino smp

This SMP has a Fun experience with custom items I coded with hypixel skyblock as my inspiration. most of these items come from skyblock but on a 1.16.5 world, please join this server as this is a learning opportunity for me to get better at coding and for you to have Fun! keep inventory is on to ...


Fun survival server with claims. We have a lovely community. Welcome to the MemeTeam! You can use /rtp to spawn somewhere random. Use a golden shovel to claim land! Vote to get more money! You may also use /ds or /shop to sell items. PVP is only enabled in the Nether. No cheating, no X-RAY etc. W...


This was founded so that friends from our old server could come together and once again have a blast! I started this new one with the same ideals as the old. We hold true to being friendly and respectful to all players. If however, a player chooses to be ignorant and disrespectful, our staff and ...


Server IP: mc.shadecrest.com Shade Crest is a collection of Minecraft servers with a strong community that values Fun, competition, creativity, and variety in gameplay. While being competitive in groups, we genuinely respect one another, help each other out, and share experiences via our forums a...


An online creative building game for everyone to hang out at with lots of people. LilFunbuild server is working hard to protect your builds and let you create wonderful things at your best or just build for Fun.


Building a Community. One member at a time. Eirinncraft is a survival server dedicated to the Fun and community aspects of Minecraft. We pride ourselves on being 100% community supported. Eirinncraft believes in having a safe, non-grief server.We have several plugins to help support this. Includi...


Hello everyone! Welcome to our new Minecraft server Honeyvale! We're an inclusive community that strives to make everyone comfortable and happy. Our server is mostly PVE and meant for creativity and building and having Fun with one another! Were a semi-vanilla server with features such as MCM...


Unserkleiner, aber feiner Minecraft Server ist ein Hobby Projekt und dient in erster Linie den Spielspa und der Unterhaltung der Mitspieler. Wir haben das Thema Rollenspiele (RP) ausgewhlt, damit jeder Spieler seiner Fantasie freien Lauf lassen kann. Auerdem haben wir darauf geachtet, dass mglich...


Welcome to MineChess an awesome Pve and Pvp experience like no other with custom mobs, items, abilities and skins. We are hosting a parkour even that is up until we are ready for beta launch. There are 10 players per battle so you must be the top 3 left alive to gain rankings, or play casual and ...

351SORB Vilous

SORB Vilous 1.12.2 This server features a tech-enriched sci-fi themed modded experience in vanilla Minecraft. We have protective rules, great staff, a great community, lots of planets to travel to, factions to join, and a lot more. We are part of the SORB community (sorbmc.com). We've been op...

356All the Mods 7

All the Mods 7 free server , you're allow to do anythings in this server . I bought the server just for Fun, whenever modpack updated my server do so pls check your modpack if u cant join . FREEDOM

365LBN Vanilla Minecraft

we are a family-friendly community we welcome everyone to come to build and have Fun at a safe haven if you like to build and not get your stuff destroyed then we are the place to be as you can claim your land build and grow and make some new friends and possibly be apart of a great multi-gaming ...


This is a welcoming cottage core server with a discord. Its super Fun and vanilla. We have lots of shops to buy stuff and everywhere you go you will see cute builds. Come join :)


A Crossplay Surival Server! The IP for the Minecraft server FloralMC is For java--> For Bedrock--> port--> 25566 Have Fun!


I am hosting a minecraft server For Fun and it's not p2w at all. But if you want it to stay please join and do /buy.


Come join our wonderful and newly release FrzNetwork with Fun events and a fully Functional SMP and Sky mining server.


Intro Timeless is a server that combines the Fun of semi-vanilla minecraft and boosts it with various events and a storyline for players to follow. Here is the last event trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtHO7rwbM9o About Timeless basis itself around vanilla minecraft, but adds more conve...

387Plane Of Darkness

Plane Of Darkness is a Lite RP, Werewolves vs Vampires server! We have SlimeFun, Magic, Mcmmo, Jobs, Brewery, Marriage, Custom Mobs and more!

390CodingKingdom Server

We have LOTS of Fun things to do here at this CK-hosted server. it says desc has to be long so here we go GFGHJBFGDDJUFYGSTHJHGBNMMJHGFGHJHGFDFGghfthrthdddddddddddhhhhy65ughdeye5ruifdcgnbthyudhtrfghdctdchtdrcgdcrcfddgfdgrfdfgdfgdh its for 1.10.2

399Safe Survival

Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We are a non-hub server that offers a quick start to play multiplayer survival in a single player-like setting and run a high end server to ensure there is no lag. Survival has never been easier to start, you can begin right away after walking 200 ...

401Wild West Frontier

Welcome to the Wild West Frontier! A friendly community where there's always Fun to be had, whether it be farming crop for a few coins or diving headfirst into the bandit underbelly. All ages welcome. How to play: For those wishing to play the pack, you can either find it on curseforge here: ...

403Noobcraft Community

Welcome to NoobCraft! NoobCraft is a community with players of all ages and backgrounds, designed to be a Fun and safe environment for everyone. We provide a free minecraft server with the latest software, hardware, and adapt to the needs of an ever changing gaming experience. We have gathered a ...

404Lanka Survival Multipl...

Sri Lanka vanilla server with land claims A peaceful place for you and your friends to have Fun and vibe whitelist application: https://lksmp.Fun/ server rules: https://lksmp.Fun/rules/ changelogs: https://lksmp.Fun/changelogs/ Features *Land claims *Custome skins *Whitelist on *weekly ender worl...


Premium + Cracked Kingdoms is a plugin similar to the popular Factions plugin, but with many changes to the gameplay. It allows a player to create his own Kingdom, protect land with the kingdom, and invade other's land for resources (and for Fun). Players can also trade in items for resourcep...


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