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Rank Name Server Players Status
18MineRaze Survival

MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server always running the latest version. Our primary focus is providing a high quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our unique content. - Towns | Create your own Town and Nation - Jobs | Earn money from playing...


CedingCraft is a small community server, We have plenty of ways to play, a unique economy system, anti grief protection, Jobs, challenges and quests, creative flight tokens, custom items and tools, warps and towns. Come along and join our community!

74The Sandlot

The Sandlot has been serving the needs of parents and family members looking for a safe place for their children, friends, and relatives to play Minecraft since December 2011. Run by a parent and former school teacher, The Sandlot aims to provide a safe environment for younger players, free from ...

128The Bumbo

|The Bumbo| Best factions server! server supports 1.8 - 1.16.x versions! We got Vip zone, MobArena, MCMMO and many cool features for you to check out! Jobs, Events, Parkour and more!!! Free Vip first month!

153Chaos Craft

Chaos Craft is all about the fun experience and making friends, and maybe end up in one of our videos. This server has Skyblock, Faction and Jobs-reborn. With addition of Crakshot guns! Server is looking for staff (Admin (2)) (Mod (4)) (Helper+ (5-10)


GoldenLeaf is a friendly Survival/Towny and Creative Network with an energetic community. Built on transparency and hard work, we strive to bring a fair and fun opportunity to all players. The server is 100 non-pay to win, with custom plugins and unique opportunities like earning player vaults an...

159DreamyMC (Dream SMP li...

Inspired by Dream SMP. Now on 1.16.5! Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We are a non-hub server that offers a quick start to play multiplayer survival in a single player-like setting and run a high end server to ensure there is no lag. Survival has never been easier to start, you c...


** We reset for 1.18.1, so now's a great time to join!** TrekCraft is not any ordinary server, We are a committed Towny/Survival server with tons of extra plugins to enhance your experience at TrekCraft. Our towny server is one of the most immersive servers out there. We include Mcmmo, LWC, J...


Jsme server zaloen v roce 2012. Kter je stle veden stejnm zakladatelem. Momentln jsme server kter je pes bungee ( vce serveru vzjemn propojench) proto si u ns mete zahrt na skyblocku, minihrch,Survivalu,creative,RPG a dal na kterch pracujeme. Dle na tchto serverech mete najt stovky pluginu. Nap s...

232TitoCraft 2.0

TitoCraft um servidores de Minecraft feito para os players. Temos como o nosso principal objetivo satisfazer a comunidade. Os nossos modos de jogo, so nicos e diferentes de qualquer outro servidor, personalizado a 100% pela nossa equipa. "Demasiado bom para ser verdade"? Vem ver! Modos ...


* Spaceships * Towny * NPCs * Weapons * Vehicles * Extra Crops * Space * Inhabitable planets * Jobs *** NO MODS NEEDED *** LifeMUD is a server that is designed to be challenging and community operated. The towns and locations are all player built as is most of the infrastructure. This is a diffic...

349Boyz SMP

New family friendly survival server - come and help us build a great world! Land claims, Jobs, economy and shops. Java and Bedrock Edition both supported.


Server de minecraft Argentino survival Parkour PvP Facciones Shop Jobs Economy ip: BWDCraft.minehost.pro Pagina web: https://bwdcraftserver.wixsite.com/bwdcraft

391ERP Minecraft 2019

SERVER ERP MINECRAFT 2019 IP: mc.elrinconperdido.com Web: https://minecraft.elrinconperdido.com/ Java 1.14.4 Premium & No Premium Survival Hard PvE (Proximamente PvP) Plugin MyPets Plugin ProtectionStones Jobs Dead Chest Tienda del Servidor NO LAG Y mucho mas!

423DazuNaki Magic Survival

SERVER LINK: DazuNaki.mc-play.org - CONNECT USING EITHER JAVA BEDROCK EDITION! Once spawned, Speak to the Witch of Wands to purchase your Magic Wand! You can upgrade over 250+ customs spells 1000+ enchantments; your wand is always bound to YOU! Choose your Jobs from the Wizard of Wealth then ...


When we created this server, our goal was to create a unique and well balanced "custom" Towny experience. With our current team having over 3 years of Towny experience we aim to give players the best possible survival experience possible. With frequent updates and actively adding new fe...

446Aeterna Gods Monster...

We are a Towny, Survival RP server based around Ancient Mythology, primarily Roman. Survive and build on your own, with friends, or join an existing town! Leave offerings and receive blessings in return from the Olympian Gods! On our server you'll find custom mobs, earn money with Jobs such...


NEW STAFF NEEDED A brand new feature packed server with a player run economy and a ton of exciting features! We have Jobs, Diseases, Quests, Lottery, Crates MORE! We have a custom ranking system allowing you to unlock new features and commands with each rank and making yourself more powerful! O...


We are 3 generations of Minecrafters and our 3Gen Server offers: Longer days, shorter nights, and less rain. A world with very good mining. Keep your Inventory if you die. Food, torches, a shulkerbox, iron armor, tools, and weapons when you arrive. A lottery and daily $500 /kit allowance. Jobs an...

490MythicMiner RPG

Server Address mc.MythicMiner.info Welcome to Mythic Miner! Our world has unlimited possibilities and endless fun for all types of gamers. Players can upgrade their skills using the MCMMO stats, Earn $ through in-game Jobs and Set up shops to gain profit. Some other features include: Land Claimin...


Hello fellow player! Tired of faceless pay-to-win servers? Well no more, Start making friendships and memories on Matzouni, a cracked Greek English SMP server with lots of achievements, rewards, free ranks! Featuring: MCMMO, Custom User-Friendly Menus, Jobs, Auction House, Achievements and more...


Olympuscraft is a factions, Jobs, playerShops and eco server. The server is based on Greek mythology. We're accepting staff requests as the server continues to grow so feel free to join and apply!

559Bonsai Survival

Bonsai Survival is a survival server that offers donation ranks and extra /sethomes for each rank! We have grief protection, custom player shops and friendly staff! We preserve your survival experience, and do not allow raiding or griefing, which means all your builds are completely safe. If you ...

583The Realm

Welcome to the Realm! We are are a small scale PVP Towny server with a big focus on having a balanced game. Make a town and get ready to battle other towns to see who is the best town around. The server is in HARD difficulty for the added challenge. No pay to win ranks to make players OP. We have...

613DifferentCraft - Towny...

Want A awesome Small Minecraft towny server with cool plugins such as Jobs, McMMO, Auctions, Diablo Drops, SkyDiving, Mob Arena And More? Well This is the server for you Our Minecraft Towny Server has evolved around the famous plugin Towny. We are a unique minecraft Towny server with lots of thin...


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That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Jobs Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Jobs server received). Whenever you're looking for small Jobs server or huge Minecraft network where Jobs is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Jobs server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.