Minecraft Minigames Servers

Do you want to find the best Mini Games Minecraft servers? We have a list of the best Mini Games Minecraft servers that we believe you will love.

Minecraft Mini Games servers, as the name implies, are about having a lot of fun with mini games. Although there are many types of mini-games, the goal is to always compete with other players.

Mini Games servers are quick and easy to use. Mini Games servers are primarily focused on multiplayer modes, which are played in matches. The game ends when someone wins. Mini Games servers are designed to allow you to have fun and not worry about what you create.

A Mini Games server is a great option if you like Minecraft and want to compete against others. Check out the top Minecraft Mini Games servers and make your decision!

Play Minecraft Minigames Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
259SheyWorld Survival

- Acesse nosso Site: www.sheyworld.jogar.io - Entre em nosso Discord: https://discord.com/invite/aJ8xBRgSg2 - Temos um Sistema de alugar Apartamento em prdio - Servidor com Sistema de Proteo de Terreno - Servidor tem o intuito de se divertir e fazer amizade. - Sistema de cls - Sistema de Skills (...

265Happy-HG Network

Home of the most original SkyBlock, Parkours and Mini-Games, the Happy-HG Network is a fun and unique playing experience! Join mc.happy-hg.com to begin your adventure!


HPSkyGames is a free-to-play Minigames, survival and anarchy server in-development. If you can help, please apply!


JOIN WITH 1.15.2!!Knockturn Networks prides itself on having a mostly custom plugin server. In addition to a map built by our own builders, many of the plugins on the server are unique, and therefore impossible to find in other servers. We have a multi-server environment that currently has Hogwar...


Welcome back to FreeCraft! A server that has always put it's community first has made a come back! We have both the Survival and Creative gamemodes, soon to be accompanied with rotating Minigames. At our family friendly server we like the friendly and welcoming approach. We're sure that y...

273BoboCraft Network

Bobocraft is an EPIC SERVER! Gamemodes that no one has ever played before. The server was started in January 2021 and it has been growing quickly ever since! Dont miss the chance to join this exciting and rapidly growing community! Supported Versions: 1.9 - 1.18.1


Cosmos is a brand new 1.17.1, (mostly) Vanilla SMP server that is launching today! Help establish a new community and build your new MC home in a community that you help to shape. All server decisions will be made by the playerbase through polls. We're aiming to establish a community where yo...

275Valid Network

Valid Network is a 1.7/1.8 HCF and Practice network. Server IP: validhc.com Discord: discord.validhc.com Store: store.validhc.com

280QuantumBlocks Minecraft

A Server Network loaded with different ways to play your favorite game. Check out play.qbmc.us today to enter a world of survival, creative, skyblock, hunger games, and many more! JOIN NOW!


Aetheral is a small community server, that is lots of fun! We offer many things such as: Wizards PokemonMysteryDungeon Events RaidBosses Factions Skyblock Parkour Minigames Apocalypse and many more! join now at Aetheral.mc-srv.com ! its 1.14.3


Amethystea is a place for friends to create interesting things. When joining, you will be placed in our server lobby. You can find portals for BedWars, SkyWars and Survival as well as basic information about our server. As our player-base expands, we intend to add additional mini games and worlds...

287Govindas Limework

Spleent Knockout (The most popular game here, hit players with your stick to level up it and do more knockback! Knock players to the void! Last player alive wins.) Snowball Chicken Shoot (Awesome for archery training!) Govindas Survival Games Elemental Archers Team Deathmatch (Good for people who...

289Dirty Dog Gaming

Dirty Dog Gaming Join IP: play.dirtydoggaming.co.za Are you looking for the a unique minecraft experience? At Dirty Dog Gaming we don't want to be like everyone else... We are doing our best to add as much custom content as possible without ruining the vanilla survival game-play Dont take my ...

291MindCraft Network (mar...

Welcome to MindCraft Network :D Hope you enjoy your stay Games at -[ https://marcloud.net/MindCraft-index.html ]- Features: - Nice staff, - Nice games, - Nice adventure


Informasjon om NordicSky Minecraft NordicSky Minecraft vart lansert 11 April 2021. Vi prver forholde oss p en norsk minecraft server med Gull spade som vrt beskyttelse system der spillere kan lage sin egen by-samfunn p serveren. Vi har andre aktiviter som parkour baner og artige spillmodus som Be...


Enter a whole new world of possibilities. "Helltree" 1.16 Hard no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival "Honeytree" 1.16 Easy no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival Open world terrain 1.16 Creative Server Bedwars Server Minigames Server coming soon! At a glance: Ranks, events, pets ...

302MC Pantheon

-Friendly community -Minigames -PvP -HungerGames -Bosses -KitSurvival -Creative -Towny -Factions

303ImDeity Kingdoms

ImDeity Kingdoms is one of the longest-running servers (3+ years) featuring an exclusive Class / Rank / Skills system, a thriving economy, custom-designed Questing system as well as a town and Kingdom system! Also check out our custom-designed mini-game: DeityWar (team PvP matches) with kits (all...

312Natans Minigame (Cops ...

Welcome to Prison (Based on SCP: Secret Laboratory) 5 cells just opened up and Prisoners are on the run, Cops are deployed to prevent them from escaping. You may loot find keycard wich you can use to open doors and enter rooms of fiction. Each round ends after 1 team completes their task: Prisone...

320HC MiniGames

HillCreft Minigames is a small minecraft Minigames server with Minigames like KitPVP and Parkour. This server mainly has pvp Minigames but still has parkour! RULES! 1.No swearing or other offensive language 2.Do not spam in chat 3.No Hacking or Auto clickers 4.Listen to Admin Temporary and perman...


Unserkleiner, aber feiner Minecraft Server ist ein Hobby Projekt und dient in erster Linie den Spielspa und der Unterhaltung der Mitspieler. Wir haben das Thema Rollenspiele (RP) ausgewhlt, damit jeder Spieler seiner Fantasie freien Lauf lassen kann. Auerdem haben wir darauf geachtet, dass mglich...


Willkommen auf unserer Dorfmine! Die Dorfmine ist ein deutschsprachiger Minecraft-Server fr bis zu 100 Spieler, mit einem klassischen Freebuild Konzept und umfangreichen Zonensystem, damit deine Bauwerke rundum geschtzt sind - du suchst dir einfach einen schnen Ort, platzierst eine Kiste und erst...


Welcome to MineChess an awesome Pve and Pvp experience like no other with custom mobs, items, abilities and skins. We are hosting a parkour even that is up until we are ready for beta launch. There are 10 players per battle so you must be the top 3 left alive to gain rankings, or play casual and ...


Welcome, Minecrafter Java IP: play.kaoscraft.co.uk Bedrock IP: play.kaoscraft.co.uk Port: 19132 Discord: discord.kaoscraft.co.uk Website: www.kaoscraft.co.uk KaosCraft is an adventure and RPG-inspired Minecraft server. With things like creating towns, completing quests, and a fluctuating and dyna...


This is a welcoming cottage core server with a discord. Its super fun and vanilla. We have lots of shops to buy stuff and everywhere you go you will see cute builds. Come join :)


Finding Minigames Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Minigames Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Minigames server received). Whenever you're looking for small Minigames server or huge Minecraft network where Minigames is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Minigames server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.