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4Complex Gaming

Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We currently offer a wide selection of servers ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Creative, Prison and more! Please read below for more information. Pixelmon Reforged: (Latest Version : Adds over 850 Pokemon to Minecraft) This version of Pixelmon runs ...

131Journey Gaming

Start your Journey now! Website: http://journeygaming.com/ IP: play.journeygaming.com A complete custom Pixelmon Experience, join us for the best Survival Pixelmon has to offer! Featuring a unique version of Pixelmon with new Pokemon including Darkrai, Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Xereneas and Yveltal...

157Miner.GG Pixelmon

- Fully Custom events! - Level 15 SHINY starter Pokemon - Player run gyms for level 15-95 - Player run Elite 4 for level 100 - Pixelmon integrated shops, for all your item needs - 7.5x Spawn Rates - Discord to chat and organise trades - GTS for selling Pokemon easily - PokeStops - Booster Packs -...


PPMC is an advanced custom Pixelmon 5.1.2 Team based survival experience. Featuring, Shiny starters, integrated teams feature, claiming, weekly official tournaments, friendly staff, voting rewards. Pixelmon teams feature a leader, a co-leader, and an ace.You can rank up by completely tasks in gam...

555Pixelmon Dawn

Unlimited Homes: Set as many homes as you like Vote Shop: Vote for rewards and redeem points for even more rewards Keep Inventory: Never lose items again when you fall in lava Battle Tree: Battle NPC's for Battle Points and redeem rewards just like in the games Wonder Trade: Swap out Pokemon ...

608Pixelmon Galaxy

Hello Pokemon Trainers, welcome to Pixelmon Galaxy. - 5x Spawning - Active Economy - Gyms - Elite 4 - 12 Custom Built Towns - Pets - Regular Events - Drop Parties - Build Protection - Crates - Trading System - Voting


Aetheral is a small community server, that is lots of fun! We offer many things such as: Wizards PokemonMysteryDungeon Events RaidBosses Factions Skyblock Parkour Minigames Apocalypse and many more! join now at Aetheral.mc-srv.com ! its 1.14.3


Attention: This game is in Alpha testing! We need Alpha/Beta testers, Developers, Builders, Moderators/Admins, Helpers, and many more roles need to be filled. People that help with these roles and stick around for the game will be rewarded with in-game loot and Pokemon.

989Pixelmon Amethyst Isles

Everyone starts somewhere, and you start here. Your family moved from (region here) to take in the fresh mountain air. You miss your home town but love how the amethyst islands have more types of Pokemon than you ever have seen! On your 10th birthday professor Abuelo was injured in the tauros for...


Here at DeltaPixel, we work hard to bring you a fun and exciting experience with our engaging plugins and mods! Some exciting things to do on our server include: - Battle in Raids with Friends - Taking on the Pokemon League - Many Custom Player Titles to show off - Pixelmon MCMMO called PixelSkil...


Finding Pokemon Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Pokemon Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Pokemon server received). Whenever you're looking for small Pokemon server or huge Minecraft network where Pokemon is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Pokemon server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.