Minecraft Prison Servers

This list features the top Minecraft Prison servers! Minecraft Prison servers provide a different experience than the usual gameplay that you may have on your own. The world around you is limited and you can become a prisoner in a Prison server! When you first start, you are restricted to a certain area. However, you can unlock more areas as you gain your freedom!

This is a different way to play Minecraft. You can pretend you are an inmate, but without all the harsh realities of a prison. A Minecraft Prison server is for you if you have ever been fascinated by the idea and nature of being in prison and finding a way to get out.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

Hey Dear User Our server is based on Faction and Prison We are always open for new ideas and would be glad if you would join our server and make your own opinion of it. Factions is a game mode where you have to form a faction to defend it through attackers and other attacks can work with the / ra...

973SilverThornMc Network

SilverThornMC is a small Minecraft Java Edition Network with a range of different gamemodes. Our gamemodes are Skyblock, Prison and Factions with other gamemodes in the works to be released. We feature per gamemode ranks which can be either purchased from the store or earned by gaining points by ...


Finding Prison Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Prison Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Prison server received). Whenever you're looking for small Prison server or huge Minecraft network where Prison is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Prison server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.