Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Minecraft Skyblock servers are a popular type of multiplayer game server that offers a unique and challenging survival experience. In Skyblock, players start on a small floating island in the sky with limited resources and must use their ingenuity and creativity to survive and thrive.

The core concept of Skyblock servers is to test players' ability to make the most out of limited resources. Typically, players begin with a small island containing only a few basic blocks and a tree. From there, they must gather resources, expand their island, and create a sustainable environment for survival.

One of the main challenges in Skyblock is resource management. Players must carefully harvest and replant trees, create farms for food production, and mine for valuable materials to progress. Every resource is precious, and players must think strategically about how to maximize their use and avoid running out.

Minecraft Skyblock Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
2Complex Gaming

Welcome to Complex Gaming!Dive into a world of limitless possibilities at Complex-Gaming. Our server offers an extensive selection of game modes, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're a Pixelmon enthusiast, a fan of survival challenges, or a creative genius, we have the perfect ...


Welcome to Minehut, where hosting your own Minecraft server is hassle-free and doesn't require any payment. We understand that paying for game server hosting can be a burden, which is why we've created a platform that allows anyone to create a server for free. Join our lobby and start your Minecr...

4Brutal Network

Welcome to the Brutal Network, where the adventure begins! [MC Version 1.8-1.12+]IP: mc.brutal-network.comAre you ready to conquer the latest challenges and embark on an epic journey? Look no further! We've just hit the reset button, bringing you a fresh and exciting Minecraft experience like nev...

5SonOyuncu Network

SonOyuncu Network - Discover a Minecraft Experience Like Never Before!Welcome to SonOyuncu Network, where we offer you an unparalleled Minecraft experience that you've never seen before. Get ready to embark on an adventure that will elevate your gaming enjoyment to new heights. With our 100% chea...


Vítejte na serveru Leviatan - místě, kde váš minecraftový dobrodružství začíná!Jsme server s dlouhou historií, založený již v roce 2012 a stále jej vede původní zakladatel. Naš...


Welcome to MineVast, a vibrant Minecraft network that offers a diverse range of exciting game modes and a thriving community. With a history dating back to September 2013, we have built an incredible server that continues to captivate players from around the world.Discover endless possibilities a...


Welcome to UltimisMC, where we strive to provide you with an unparalleled Minecraft experience! As one of the best cracked servers in the world, we are dedicated to delivering exciting gameplay and a vibrant community for all players, regardless of their Minecraft account type.Whether you're a Pv...


Welcome to Herobrine.org, the ultimate destination for your Minecraft adventures! As the top 1.16 Minecraft network, we offer an array of thrilling servers that cater to every player's taste and preference.Embark on an epic journey in our survival world, where you can test your survival skills, b...

21VoxCraft Network

¡Bienvenido a VoxCraft Network! Somos una red latinoamericana de servidores de Minecraft, dedicada principalmente a las modalidades de supervivencia.En VoxCraft Network nos enorgullece ofrecer una experiencia de juego excepcional. Nuestro equipo de desarrollo trabaja arduamente para impleme...


Welcome to Becto - Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit!Becto.net is not just another ordinary Minecraft network. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled experience that will captivate your imagination and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible in the world of Minecraft.Embark on a journey ...

23OneBlockMC One Block

Welcome to OneBlockMC - The Ultimate Minecraft Adventure!Are you ready to experience the most innovative and exciting gameplay modes in the Minecraft universe? Look no further, because OneBlockMC has it all! Embark on an extraordinary journey where one block holds the key to endless possibilities...

29Skyblock Survival

Welcome to Skyblock Survival!Immerse yourself in the ultimate Skyblock experience on our server, the true home of Skyblock! Join us at Skyblock.net and embark on an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.Playable on versions 1.8 to 1.14.4, our server was crafted by the very creator of...

31Advancius Network

Welcome to the Advancius Network!Step into a world of quality Minecraft experiences tailored for everyone! Join our friendly and welcoming community as we embark on exciting adventures together.At Advancius Network, we pride ourselves on offering a 100% free rank system that enhances your gamepla...


Welcome to EnchantedMC, an innovative and dynamic Minecraft Network that is dedicated to providing the best possible gameplay experience for our community. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of Minecraft to create an optimized and immersive environment that will captivate and entertain play...

41TopStrix Network

Welcome to the TopStrix Network, where the world of Minecraft comes alive like never before! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary gaming experience filled with excitement, adventure, and endless possibilities.At TopStrix Network, we strive to create a vibrant and immersive environment that cater...

42Volatik Network

¡Bienvenido a Volatik Network, el lugar perfecto para escapar de los survivals aburridos y sumergirte en una experiencia de juego emocionante!En Volatik Network, nos esforzamos por ofrecerte un servidor de Minecraft que rompa con lo convencional y te brinde una aventura llena de diversi&oac...


Welcome to FearGames, the ultimate Minecraft server network that exceeds all your expectations! We strive to provide an exceptional gaming experience that caters to the diverse interests of our players. With a commitment to continuous improvement, we are constantly evolving to ensure that FearGam...


¡Bienvenido a MineSpazio!Únete a nuestra vibrante comunidad y forma parte de una experiencia de juego inigualable. En MineSpazio, nos enorgullece ofrecer una amplia variedad de eventos emocionantes y sorteos de rangos gratuitos para involucrar a nuestra comunidad de jugadores.Cada me...

52DeathZone Network | Be...


Welcome to ParkourCraft, the ultimate Minecraft server that offers a wide variety of exciting gameplay modes to suit every type of player. Prepare for thrilling adventures, heart-pumping battles, and exhilarating challenges that will keep you engaged for hours on end.KitPvP: Step into the arena a...

102Addstar MC

Welcome to Addstar MC!Are you in search of a vibrant and engaging survival server with a friendly player community? Look no further! Addstar MC is the perfect place for players of all ages to embark on their Minecraft adventures. Our server is meticulously designed to create a safe, kid-friendly ...


Welcome to RedeSGP, the ultimate Minecraft server designed to bring you unparalleled gaming experiences! With our server IP - jogar.RedeSGP.com, a dedicated website at https://loja.RedeSGP.com, an active Discord community at https://RedeSGP.com/discord, and exciting YouTube content at http://yout...

111Chaos Craft

Welcome to Chaos Craft, where the fun never ends and friendships are forged! Join us for an incredible gaming experience and a chance to be featured in our videos.Explore our diverse selection of game modes, including Skyblock, Faction, and Jobs-reborn. Immerse yourself in the challenges and exci...

119Los Fenix

¡Bienvenidos a Los Fenix, el servidor de Minecraft que te hará vibrar de emoción!Sumérgete en un mundo lleno de aventuras y diversión, donde podrás explorar paisajes impresionantes, construir estructuras épicas y socializar con una comunidad apasion...

127Apex Zombies

Welcome to Apex Zombies, the ultimate zombie-themed network where thrilling adventures await!Experience a variety of captivating gamemodes tailored to your taste. Whether you seek a survival server with exclusive perks and commands or prefer a completely vanilla experience, our tight-knit communi...


Skyblock servers often incorporate additional gameplay mechanics and features to enhance the experience. These can include custom plugins or mods that introduce unique challenges, such as special island events, custom crafting recipes, or even additional islands to explore. Some servers also include mini-games or challenges within the Skyblock environment to keep players engaged and provide alternative objectives.

To foster community interaction, some Skyblock servers allow players to visit each other's islands, trade resources, and collaborate on projects. Cooperative play is encouraged, and players may form alliances or join guilds to work together towards common goals.

Economy systems are another common feature in Skyblock servers. Players can buy and sell resources or trade with others using an in-game currency. This aspect adds an additional layer of strategy as players strive to accumulate wealth and become economically successful within the Skyblock community.

Skyblock servers often offer progression systems, where players can unlock new challenges or island upgrades as they progress. This can include unlocking additional island space, gaining access to new resources, or unlocking special abilities or perks.

Overall, Minecraft Skyblock servers provide a unique survival challenge, emphasizing resource management, creativity, and strategic thinking. They offer a fresh and demanding gameplay experience where players must build and expand their islands from scratch, overcome limited resources, and create a sustainable environment in the sky. Whether playing solo or collaborating with others, Skyblock servers provide an engaging and rewarding multiplayer experience within the Minecraft universe.