Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Minecraft Skyblock servers are a popular type of multiplayer game server that offers a unique and challenging survival experience. In Skyblock, players start on a small floating island in the sky with limited resources and must use their ingenuity and creativity to survive and thrive.

The core concept of Skyblock servers is to test players' ability to make the most out of limited resources. Typically, players begin with a small island containing only a few basic blocks and a tree. From there, they must gather resources, expand their island, and create a sustainable environment for survival.

One of the main challenges in Skyblock is resource management. Players must carefully harvest and replant trees, create farms for food production, and mine for valuable materials to progress. Every resource is precious, and players must think strategically about how to maximize their use and avoid running out.

Minecraft Skyblock Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
640DangerSb (beta)

Welcome to DangerSb (beta), where thrilling adventures await in our exciting sky-block server! Get ready to embark on an epic journey as we bring you TakenBlock Season 3, filled with tons of awesome features and exhilarating gameplay.Join our thriving community and dive into the captivating world...


Welcome to PogCraft, the ultimate destination for a chill and thrilling Minecraft experience! Our server offers a variety of engaging gamemodes designed to cater to different playstyles and preferences. Get ready to embark on unforgettable adventures and connect with a vibrant community of player...

645Charmander Network

Welcome to Charmander Network - Where Gamers Unite!Charmander Network is a vibrant and welcoming community built for gamers of all types to come together, forge friendships, and embark on exciting gaming adventures. We strive to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment where players fr...


Welcome to DecemCraft!Established in 2013, DecemCraft has been running 24/7, providing a thrilling Minecraft experience for players like you. Our server offers a variety of exciting game modes, including Survival, Skyblock, Creative, and Minigames. Whether you're in the mood for building magnific...

671Cwoare Network

Welcome to Cwoare Network!Cwoare Network has been a thriving Minecraft community since 2014. What initially began as a survival server has now evolved into a diverse network of game modes, all designed to provide an exceptional experience for our players.Our primary focus is on fostering a great ...

681Terminal Mc

Welcome to Terminal MC, a server that is on the cusp of greatness! While we're still in the development phase, we have exciting plans to bring you an epic Factions experience like no other.Prepare yourself for an immersive journey into a world of strategic alliances, intense battles, and boundles...


Bienvenido a HunterCraft, el servidor de Minecraft donde la emoción y la diversión se unen en un épico mundo de supervivencia. Únete a nosotros y disfruta de una experiencia única con características especiales que te sorprenderán.Sumérgete ...


Bienvenue sur Bunkerland, le serveur qui répond à toutes vos attentes ! Nous sommes là pour vous offrir une expérience exceptionnelle et nous nous efforçons de créer une communauté soudée et chaleureuse. Mais passons cette case qui ne sert ...

697Flow MC

Welcome to Flow MC, the ultimate destination for innovative and immersive Minecraft gameplay!Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure across our diverse network of servers, each offering a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you're seeking the fierce competition of Factions, the sky-...

706HazelMC Network

Welcome to HazelMC Network!Embark on an exciting Minecraft adventure by joining our vibrant community. At HazelMC, we strive to provide an exceptional gameplay experience for players of all ages. Get ready to explore, create, and connect with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts from around the world.To ...

717Minewool Network

Welcome to the Minewool Network, a Minecraft server that offers an exceptional gaming experience like no other. Whether you're playing on version 1.8.X or 1.15.X, our server is open to all players, regardless of premium status.At Minewool Network, we pride ourselves on providing the best game mod...

722CrazyPig Family Friend...

Welcome to CrazyPig, the ultimate family-friendly Minecraft Server! We pride ourselves on creating a safe and enjoyable environment for players of all ages. Run by a dedicated international community of parents, our server is designed to provide endless fun and excitement for everyone.As you expl...


Welcome to XenoBlock, the ultimate Skyblock server that is about to take the Minecraft community by storm!Are you ready for an extraordinary Skyblock adventure? Get ready to embark on a journey like no other as we prepare to launch XenoBlock, a server that promises to deliver an unforgettable exp...


Welcome to VanillaPlus - Where Vanilla Meets a Dash of Extra!Are you seeking a unique Minecraft experience that combines the pure essence of vanilla gameplay with a sprinkle of additional features? Look no further than VanillaPlus! Our group of servers offers a range of exciting options to cater ...

738serwer lecraft.pl

Witamy na serwerze Minecraft "lecraft.pl"! Nasz serwer oferuje różnorodne tryby rozgrywki oraz niesamowite możliwości.Główne funkcje:Tryb Survival: Przeżyj w pełni autentyczną przygodę na naszym serwerze survival. Walcz z potworami, eksploruj ...


Welcome to CookiesGaming, where the excitement never ends! Prepare for an extraordinary Minecraft adventure like no other as we continuously expand our selection of thrilling games to keep you entertained.At CookiesGaming, we take pride in curating an awesome gaming experience for our players. Ou...

760Arson Network

Welcome to Arson Network, the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts like you!Join our thriving Minecraft community today and experience a world of endless possibilities. At Arson Network, we pride ourselves on offering innovative and exciting events that will keep you engaged and enterta...


LushSMP is a Survival Minecraft server that is based around Economy and towns, trust teammates make friends and fight enemy's!-Version 1.8-1.19-Claims-Content creator ranks- Public-Java-Mob bosses-Vote cratesAnd more!Ip: LushSMP.net

775Icecube Network

Welcome to Icecube Network, where the best Minecraft server experience awaits you! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey in a world filled with endless possibilities and thrilling adventures.Join our server and immerse yourself in a rich and dynamic gameplay experience that spans across M...


Welcome to CubexLand!Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Minecraft mini-games on our server, spanning versions 1.8 to 1.13. Our mission is to bring together a diverse collection of both beloved classic mini-games and innovative new experiences.At CubexLand, we believe in offering a wide var...


Skyblock servers often incorporate additional gameplay mechanics and features to enhance the experience. These can include custom plugins or mods that introduce unique challenges, such as special island events, custom crafting recipes, or even additional islands to explore. Some servers also include mini-games or challenges within the Skyblock environment to keep players engaged and provide alternative objectives.

To foster community interaction, some Skyblock servers allow players to visit each other's islands, trade resources, and collaborate on projects. Cooperative play is encouraged, and players may form alliances or join guilds to work together towards common goals.

Economy systems are another common feature in Skyblock servers. Players can buy and sell resources or trade with others using an in-game currency. This aspect adds an additional layer of strategy as players strive to accumulate wealth and become economically successful within the Skyblock community.

Skyblock servers often offer progression systems, where players can unlock new challenges or island upgrades as they progress. This can include unlocking additional island space, gaining access to new resources, or unlocking special abilities or perks.

Overall, Minecraft Skyblock servers provide a unique survival challenge, emphasizing resource management, creativity, and strategic thinking. They offer a fresh and demanding gameplay experience where players must build and expand their islands from scratch, overcome limited resources, and create a sustainable environment in the sky. Whether playing solo or collaborating with others, Skyblock servers provide an engaging and rewarding multiplayer experience within the Minecraft universe.