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Rank Name Server Players Status
12LunarSurvival SMP

Welcome to LunarSMP. Our server has the friendliest community on earth, hands down. We're an Survival server running on 1.18 with new world generation. The latest version of Minecraft. [+] Grief Protection [+] Player Ran Economy [+] Need Staff [+] Free Ranks [+] Vehicles [+] Semi Vanilla And ...


welcome to the JaysSMP 2 where you will get to survive with me have fun bhgvfcdxdfgvhbjnjnthbgvfcdxfcgvhjuybhgvfcdxsz hgfdxfrgthjuhytgvrfcdxsdcfvgbhyjyhbgfds


AppleMC We are a Minecraft 1.17 SMP who supports bedrock and java crossplay, we also have EarthSMP Coming Soon! Why you should join. No lag! End resets! Frequent updates!


SaharaSMP is a community driven PvE server that aims to be as close to a vanilla HermitCraft experience as possible. We pride ourselves on being friendly, inclusive and mature; with our growing player base often collaborating and helping each other out. If you love Hermitcraft this is the server ...


UnknownSMP is an SMP made by a couple of friends of mine, with a goal around non toxic collaborations and creativity! https://discord.gg/wTHukDGAFD Features: No abusive admins that spawn in items (although other players can stage an intervention if someone repeatedly breaks rules) We dont like fo...

131sino smp

This SMP has a fun experience with custom items I coded with hypixel skyblock as my inspiration. most of these items come from skyblock but on a 1.16.5 world, please join this server as this is a learning opportunity for me to get better at coding and for you to have fun! keep inventory is on to ...

139OriginsMC SMP

OriginsMC SMP A semi vanilla SMP server. A fully permanent map. Runs on a dedicated server. Unmetered storage and ram. Virtually no lag. Multiple experienced developers. Custom coded. Building a community of welcome and caring gamers. Now Featuring NPC's, Quests and Daily rewards to be added ...

158Halos Hut

This is a casual SMP and it is very fun to play for all more fetures like creative plots are being added lots of fun things to do team up with friends in the SMP mine away and have fun.

159DreamyMC (Dream SMP li...

Inspired by Dream SMP. Now on 1.16.5! Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We are a non-hub server that offers a quick start to play multiplayer survival in a single player-like setting and run a high end server to ensure there is no lag. Survival has never been easier to start, you c...

160Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is a survival SMP server that welcomes all players. The primary focus of the server is survival and PVE however players that enjoy PVP can toggle it on and off. This allows players to play the way they want when they want. Quality of Life Features: - Teleportation - Homes - Random t...


Come join our wonderful and newly release FrzNetwork with fun events and a fully functional SMP and Sky mining server.

195Da SMP

This is a Minecraft SMP Server, Here we strive for a good playerbase, and not a toxic one. We have 5-10 people on avrage and maybe you could change that


16+ Whitelist semi-vanilla SMP with shops, community build goals, events, and contests. Quality of life plugs such as dragon drop elytra, dynmap, fast leaf decay and more. RPG plug ins such as MCMMO and Oh the Dungeons. Find out more by filling out the online application using the link above.

222MaxLand SMP

Welcome to Maxland SMP We are a small but active Vanilla style SMP with a player-based economy. We don't allow griefing but PvP is enabled in the Arena, and globally within the nether and end. All players need to be 16+ years old. Below are some features of the server: - /homes and /warps - L...

227Plasma SMP

A free to join SMP running on Java Edition. We have a growing community on discord and a great team of admins, with full time moderation. Come play some survival with your friends or make new ones.


SMPEarth (SMPE) was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth. It commenced on November 2019 and exclusive to a group of selected popular Minecraft creators and streamers such as WilburSoot, Technoblade, TommyInnit, CaptainSpark...


NewWorldMC/CoreBlockMC is s multiplayer minecraft server. Regular admin activity, Shop system, SMP, wars, Survival. Join us today! https://discord.gg/NeSF4qv

241Zephyrs Twitch Smp

It's a twitch server for my follower's and other's!!. I spent alot of time figuring this out so please join us on the SMP!!


SwagSMP is a SMP that allows both Bedrock and Java players to play with eachother, It has a Lifesteal Plugin so whenever you kill someone you steal one of their hearts!


LifeStealMC is a fun exciting server offering the best LifestealSMP experience. With our fully custom coded core, constant updates frequent community events wars there is no reason to play Lifesteal anywhere else. So What are you waiting for? Come and play on the number 1 LifestealSMP serve...

265ProjectsCraft SMP

ProjectsCraft SMP Server with some plugins. Chill community and giveaways as well as drop party frequently. We have crates and keys that you get for voting!

297The Gasmp

Welcome to The GaSMP 1.18.2! This is a multiplayer survival server that has many additional features such as: Voting, mcMMO, Ranks and a good community! We support making automated farms. We hope you enjoy your time on the server!

304Bay Games

BayGames! The best SMP!


Official SMP server of the CraftHub.net Minecraft blog! We provide a survival atmosphere with custom items, events, protections and more! Running with almost no downtime for over 4 years

335Z Server SMP

Z SERVER SMP [Proudly Online 9+ Years] [75+ Plugins] [No-Whitelist] [Dedicated 256GB of RAM, Intel Xeon 16c/32t] Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build where ever you like while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close activ...


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