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Rank Name Server Players Status
661Contained SMP

Brand new Minecraft SMP server! The best place to have fun and forget about everything with your friends!

664Earthforce Survival Se...

Thanks for checking out my post kind minecrafter! Earthforce is a longtime community of veteran Minecraft players who love a sense of community, friendship, and longterm server growth. We started in 2015, and built a beautiful vibrant world. We are now back, opening our server up from whitelist t...

675Nether Depths

Surpass the limits of the Nether, Slimefun - McMMO SMP Join us! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Mw7fNpdg5N Website: https://www.netherdepths.com Survival Dynmap: https://map.netherdepths.com


This server is a modified SMP with some tweaks such as, no sword cooldown, sword blocking, and more coming on its way. The server might have some bugs which you can report to us via discord, or PM the manager chill6107.

687Da SMP

This is a Minecraft SMP Server, Here we strive for a good playerbase, and not a toxic one. We have 5-10 people on avrage and maybe you could change that

710Zephyrs Twitch Smp

It's a twitch server for my follower's and other's!!. I spent alot of time figuring this out so please join us on the SMP!!


We aim at making MySMP the SMP server for you and your friends to join, adapt, and change all at your own fingertips. Love a plugin you can no longer play without? Trust us, we all do as well, we get it. We'll download it for you if it fits our style and is non-game-breaking! The rest of the ...


Be sure to join LynxNetworks, We boast the latest Minecraft version as well as a bunch of top features! We have grief protection so you can be sure that everything in which you build will remain perfectly safe and in peace. You will also come to find out that this fantastic SMP has an economy mea...

756reewee smp

a fun SMP with some people u will get starter kits and more goodluck on building ur base we are also gonna make a pvp area so have fun!

759crafties smp

a SMP server for max 20 players we have good spawn and builds join now for some stuff maybe we will meet sometime no rules directly

769Ro11en SMP

With a player-owned economy, the Ro11en SMP is the best place to build, trade, and chill with other players! The Ro11en SMP is run in tandem with the Ro11en YouTube channel, which you should watch! Join the Discord and read the rules!

784Reality EarthSMP

Hey! You! Yes...YOU! Are you a adult? Yes? AWESOME! This server is perfect for you. Reality EarthSMP is a 18+ server. We welcome adults of all ages as long as you fit the requirements. When you join the server you will be required to confirm your age using our bot called "ModMail" nickn...


SwagSMP is a SMP that allows both Bedrock and Java players to play with eachother, It has a Lifesteal Plugin so whenever you kill someone you steal one of their hearts!

796Z Server SMP

Z SERVER SMP [Proudly Online 9+ Years] [75+ Plugins] [No-Whitelist] [Dedicated 256GB of RAM, Intel Xeon 16c/32t] Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build where ever you like while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close activ...

804ProjectsCraft SMP

ProjectsCraft SMP Server with some plugins. Chill community and giveaways as well as drop party frequently. We have crates and keys that you get for voting!

807Xeno SMP

Welcome to the Xeno SMP we are a small server trying to grow please join out discord server and mc server have fun! https://discord.gg/NhYs4sUH9E

821Garrettmc Network

We have creativie,anarchy, bedwars, survival, creative, skyblock, and duels.We are always going to be expanding our games as time goes on. join and have fun on a non whitelisted SMP. come be a part of the community today


My discord is Robert123456#9041 Hi this is my new SMP for Minecraft Java and its a fresh map NO HACKING AT ALL IF CAUGHT = PERM BAN The end is open and soo is the nether The Server will start when anyone joins (it takes ~1 minute to start up) and shutsdown when no one is on it after 3 minutes THI...


RustyWorld a Chill SMP with DataPacks and some Plugins Join our discord all the information will be on there or make a ticket if you need any help staff will be glad to help! When you log in the first time youll have to register bc we support cracked players just type in game /register Password P...


IP : simpleSMP.com - Server is not bedrock at the moment - 1.18 Version RULES Ingame rules - 1. Dont grief claimed land 2. Griefing unclaimed land is NOT bannable 3. No hacking / hacked clients 4. No exploits or any kind 5. Staff say is final 6. No TP abusing / killing 7. Thonks always wear Mario...


The Official CowSMP Network, Home To Tons Of Amazing Features Giving A Realm Of New Possibilities To Minecraft.


We are an SMP with a great anticheat and even greater admins. We dont belive in banning without evidence. We also have a friendly comunity and care for everyone. Btw our economy is gold ingot based so mining is a good way to get money. Due to technical reasons we turned whitelist so comment you I...


Welcome to SiMP! We are a brand new SMP server with friendly mods, no plugins (for now) and we listen to our community! All new additions will be put to a vote! We will never reset, we only started a few days ago, and we welcome all types of players, join now to get a fresh start! We are also a c...


--------------------------------------------------------- Play with many other players. Enjoy this free SMP for anyone to play on.


Are you looking for a friendly community? A nice server to have fun in, With also a minecraft survival multiplayer server? Oh boy, You have come exactly to the right place. Tespaxo is a fun discord server with an SMP, In the SMP we have no griefers and kind people who give you free stuff, The dis...


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