Parkour Minecraft Servers

It is quite simple to bring parkour into Minecraft. Parkour servers were created to help you navigate the map. You will find obstacles and platforms to jump on maps. To master parkour servers, you will need to be able to control your timing and agility.

A Parkour server is unique in that it has many levels. After completing a level you can move on to the next map, which offers more difficult challenges and jumping opportunities.

You can show off your finger parkour skills by exploring the Minecraft world! You can find the best Minecraft Parkour servers right below.

Play Parkour Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status

join funland for a great time with friends while buying stuff at he shop and surviving I the village or you can be an outsider and survive on you own with no acces to hotel rooms

243Soar - Minecraft with ...

- Start on your private island in the sky! - Regenerate your island to your favorite biome. - Build without hassles like monsters, hunger, and fall damage. - Jump off your island to explore our wilderness world, which resets to a new seed every day. - Take building materials, animals, pets, and e...


An all round server with the following features: -Spleef -Kit-Pvp -Survival -Freebuild -Parkour -And more

260BoboCraft Network

Bobocraft is an EPIC SERVER! Gamemodes that no one has ever played before. The server was started in January 2021 and it has been growing quickly ever since! Dont miss the chance to join this exciting and rapidly growing community! Supported Versions: 1.9 - 1.18.1


Zero is a Parkour, mazes and puzzles server, there are over 150 levels and a hardcore system which includes 11 levels. Server Hardware: Dedicated server / Hexacore / 24 GB DDR3 / 2x 120GB SSD / Gigabit connection


Anarchy server with a glitched adventure map with no rules at all. Request any block from admin. Streaming on twitch Pvp Barrier block given every week Free build server

276Happy-HG Network

Home of the most original SkyBlock, Parkours and Mini-Games, the Happy-HG Network is a fun and unique playing experience! Join to begin your adventure!


Informasjon om NordicSky Minecraft NordicSky Minecraft vart lansert 11 April 2021. Vi prver forholde oss p en norsk minecraft server med Gull spade som vrt beskyttelse system der spillere kan lage sin egen by-samfunn p serveren. Vi har andre aktiviter som Parkour baner og artige spillmodus som Be...


ZeldaCraft is an amazing Legend of Zelda themed minecraft server that has been running strong since May 20th 2012. There is a wonderful community of friendly players and a quality staff team to help out. The staff team have worked together with the community for years to create a community that...

288The Bumbo

|The Bumbo| Best factions server! server supports 1.8 - 1.16.x versions! We got Vip zone, MobArena, MCMMO and many cool features for you to check out! Jobs, Events, Parkour and more!!! Free Vip first month!


Aetheral is a small community server, that is lots of fun! We offer many things such as: Wizards PokemonMysteryDungeon Events RaidBosses Factions Skyblock Parkour Minigames Apocalypse and many more! join now at ! its 1.14.3

300Dirty Dog Gaming

Dirty Dog Gaming Join IP: Are you looking for the a unique minecraft experience? At Dirty Dog Gaming we don't want to be like everyone else... We are doing our best to add as much custom content as possible without ruining the vanilla survival game-play Dont take my ...

315Olympus Network

LIST OF GAMEMODES - - KitPVP - Zombies - Survival Semi-Anarchy (No Hacking) - Capitalism Simulator (PvE Economy) Upcoming Gamemodes - - Capture the flag - Time Attack Parkour - Payload Discord -

317HC MiniGames

HillCreft MiniGames is a small minecraft minigames server with minigames like KitPVP and Parkour. This server mainly has pvp minigames but still has Parkour! RULES! 1.No swearing or other offensive language 2.Do not spam in chat 3.No Hacking or Auto clickers 4.Listen to Admin Temporary and perman...

327Cool Beans

What started as a plain survival server meant for friends and Twitch Subscribers has expanded exponentially into a Survival Parkour server. Featuring a small but friendly community, constant updates, and an active discord community, you'll be sure to find yourself having quite an enjoyable ...

329VentureLand RPG

A completely unique open world gamemode - Custom built map - Custom RPG items and loot - Unique weapon system - Leveling and abilities - Bosses and dungeons - Player Housing - Economy and marketplace

335Fantasy Realms Server

Welcome to Fantasy Skyblock Server Since the summer of 2016 opened so far, we continue to provide a better gaming environment. The server so far only took five months to develop, It is still a long way from the server environment we envisioned. We serve as a server development team, We will conti...


Welcome to MineChess an awesome Pve and Pvp experience like no other with custom mobs, items, abilities and skins. We are hosting a Parkour even that is up until we are ready for beta launch. There are 10 players per battle so you must be the top 3 left alive to gain rankings, or play casual and ...


Come join our wonderful and newly release FrzNetwork with fun events and a fully functional SMP and Sky mining server.

377PVP Bedrock

looking for staff and helpers the best pvp bedrock server survival pvp with kits and shops just new server lots of players


Intro Timeless is a server that combines the fun of semi-vanilla minecraft and boosts it with various events and a storyline for players to follow. Here is the last event trailer: About Timeless basis itself around vanilla minecraft, but adds more conve...

389Vega Craft

! * * * * C Spawn Spawn * Food * PvP * Monsters !!!


En svensk minecraftserver med ett bungeecord-ntverk med flera servrar med olika spellgen. Servern r fr alla ldrar.

410The Plant

Welcome to the plant! We are a small box mining server but still have a lot to offer! We have got dungeons Parkour different dimensions and we update plenty!

422Party Plays PL

May, ale bardzo fajny serwer na 1.16.5. 3 adminw, czsto aktywni gracze, 6 trybw: -KitPVP -(oryginalne) Miso Mocy -Duels -Spleef -FFA -Survival (nie skoczone) -tnt run (nie skoczone) -Parkour Warto zagra :)


Finding Parkour Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Parkour Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Parkour server received). Whenever you're looking for small Parkour server or huge Minecraft network where Parkour is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Parkour server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.