Parkour Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Parkour servers offer a specialized gameplay mode centered around parkour challenges. Parkour is a type of gameplay where players navigate through obstacle courses, using their skills in jumping, sprinting, and precision movements to overcome various hurdles and reach the end goal.

In Parkour servers, players join a shared world that features custom-designed parkour courses or maps. These courses are meticulously crafted with different types of obstacles, such as jumps, ladders, fences, slime blocks, and more, to provide a challenging and engaging experience.

The objective in Parkour servers is to complete the parkour courses by successfully traversing the obstacles and reaching the end of the course. Players strive to achieve the fastest completion time or compete against others in multiplayer races. Some servers may offer a progression system, unlocking more difficult courses or granting rewards as players improve their parkour skills.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
754Charmander Network

Welcome to Charmander Network! A growing community made for gamers of all types to hangout, meet new people, and play games! What do we have? A supportive and inclusive community! A safe and friendly environment! Active and attentive staff! An active community! Giveaways! Much more! W...


Social Metaverse playable on Minecraft. Make friends, play games, and collect thousands of cosmetics on the blockchain!


Splashcraft - Survival - Custom armour - Bosses - Crates - Fishing - Money - Shards- Custom fishing rods- clean server- trading - chest shop - player warps- auction house- Voting - Free crates and ranks for ingame money!


Survival, Creative, Arena, Parkour, and minigames. Actively growing features and game modes. Come for the Minecraft stay for the community :)


Welcome To GhostCraft. Yet Another Survival Experience! Need Youtubers Worthy Staff, And Interested Players GameModes Survival Valorant The Pit BedWars


Anarchy server with a glitched adventure map with no rules at all. Request any block from admin. Streaming on twitch Pvp Barrier block given every week Free build server


This Server Is AWESOME!!!!!!and games are added once or twice a month for the enjoyment of the players! Hope You Have Fun. There Is Also A Buycraft website to help the server keep growing.

858The Bumbo

|The Bumbo| Best factions server! server supports 1.8 - 1.16.x versions! We got Vip zone, MobArena, MCMMO and many cool features for you to check out! Jobs, Events, Parkour and more!!! Free Vip first month!


MoxCraft is a friendly and new Australian survival minecraft server that was made to create a friendly community with likeminded players. This is our first ever minecraft server so we hope to improve upon it over time. Friendly and new Australian survival minecraft server. 1.17


A Space Themed Server with Bedwars, KitPvP, Bedwars and more!!! ----Grand Opening Sale!!!!----


join funland for a great time with friends while buying stuff at he shop and surviving I the village or you can be an outsider and survive on you own with no acces to hotel rooms


Servidor Semipremuin con mltiples modalidades, eventos mensuales rangos, customs y una gran comunidad :D

872Cool Beans

What started as a plain survival server meant for friends and Twitch Subscribers has expanded exponentially into a Survival Parkour server. Featuring a small but friendly community, constant updates, and an active discord community, you'll be sure to find yourself having quite an enjoyable ...


The server is created by the owner Ola and her friendly staff. The server is a faction server, which means all in for griefing and raiding. Go nuts! Have fun! We would love to hear your guys suggestions, as well as general feedback! The work in progress part is mostly about the website that hasn...


Informasjon om NordicSky Minecraft NordicSky Minecraft vart lansert 11 April 2021. Vi prver forholde oss p en norsk minecraft server med Gull spade som vrt beskyttelse system der spillere kan lage sin egen by-samfunn p serveren. Vi har andre aktiviter som Parkour baner og artige spillmodus som Be...


Parkour servers often incorporate additional features and mechanics to enhance the parkour experience. These can include checkpoints that allow players to respawn at a specific point if they fail an obstacle, leaderboards that track the best completion times, special power-ups or abilities, and even custom parkour-themed mini-games.

Community interaction plays a role in Parkour servers as well. Players can communicate with each other through in-game chat or voice communication, sharing tips, tricks, and strategies for overcoming difficult obstacles. Some servers may have designated areas for player-run competitions or player-created parkour courses for others to enjoy.

Parkour servers provide a unique gameplay experience that focuses on agility, precision, and problem-solving. They challenge players to hone their skills, improve their reflexes, and push their limits to overcome increasingly difficult parkour courses. The competitive nature of these servers encourages players to strive for personal improvement and engage in friendly rivalry with others.

Whether playing alone to test personal skills or competing against others in multiplayer races, Parkour servers offer an exciting and fast-paced gameplay mode within the Minecraft universe. They provide an alternative way to enjoy Minecraft's mechanics and offer a thrilling and challenging experience for players who enjoy the art of parkour.