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Herobrine PVP
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Herobrine PVP

Herobrine PVP

HerobrineYTgames here, the owner of Herobrine PVP! We Have more things than mentioned on the banner, we have Factions,Creative,KitPVP,and minigames! At The Moment we have zombie invasion, in which there are two teams, infected and survivors, and the survivors survive for 3 minutes while the infected tries to kill them. Now if you are seeing this post in recent servers, that means that I am most likely online right now! If we get at least 10-20 players on at once, we will have a kitpvp tournament! In each level, I will increase the power of the kit used. Join now though! This will only happen when I am online! But first off I would like to point out this, from our advertising we have revived a lot of requests for staff. All Of these requests will be denied for the following reasons: 1.We have enough staff
2.People who staff hunt are most likely to grief the server. How do I know? I used to do it. (Dont judge me)
Now If you go into talking trash about the server because you did not get staff, this will lead to a permanent ban, because if you don't like the server, then why play on it. If you go into breaking rules, but dont end up talking trash about the server. You will not be eligible to apply for staff and you will receive the punishment for breaking that rule.

Now that we have that out of the way. I hope you will join our server and have some fun!

UPDATE: The Server Now Supports Client Versions 1.8-1.11.2
Other News: We Are Now Accepting Applications for: Developer, Builder, Helper, and Advertiser!

What is server IP address for Herobrine PVP?

The server IP for Herobrine PVP is herobrinepvp.beastmc.com:25585. The server information section contains more information about the server, including how to copy its IP and where to find Discord and website.

How can I play on Herobrine PVP?

Open your Launcher. Then click the "Play", then choose the "Multiplayer” option from the menu.

Click "Add server", copy the herobrinepvp.beastmc.com:25585 to "Server Address", then click "Done".

It may take a while, but once the connection has been established, it should become green.

Click on the button "Join Server" to start playing on Herobrine PVP.

What Minecraft versions are supported on Herobrine PVP?

Herobrine PVP supports Minecraft version 1.8.8, which is also the recommended version of Minecraft for Herobrine PVP.

Where is Herobrine PVP located?

The Herobrine PVP server is currently located in United States, was last checked 14 minutes ago and has very reliable connection.

Which GameModes are available on Herobrine PVP?

On Herobrine PVP Minecraft server you can play Creative, Factions, KitPvP, Minigames, Parkour, PvP, Fun Game Modes.