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sino smp
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sino smp

This SMP has a fun experience with custom items I coded with hypixel skyblock as my inspiration. most of these items come from skyblock but on a 1.16.5 world, please join this server as this is a learning opportunity for me to get better at coding and for you to have fun! keep inventory is on to prevent grieving/stealing.

What is server IP address for sino smp?

The server IP for sino smp is sinosmp.apexmc.co. The server information section contains more information about the server, including how to copy its IP and where to find Discord and website.

How can I play on sino smp?

Open your Launcher. Then click the "Play", then choose the "Multiplayer” option from the menu.

Click "Add server", copy the sinosmp.apexmc.co to "Server Address", then click "Done".

It may take a while, but once the connection has been established, it should become green.

Click on the button "Join Server" to start playing on sino smp.

What Minecraft versions are supported on sino smp?

sino smp supports Minecraft version 1.16.5, which is also the recommended version of Minecraft for sino smp.

Where is sino smp located?

The sino smp server is currently located in Australia, was last checked 20 minutes ago and has very reliable connection.

Which GameModes are available on sino smp?

On sino smp Minecraft server you can play Survival, Skyblock, SMP, Fun Game Modes.