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CountryUnited States

Welcome to SMPEarth, the ultimate Minecraft experience that brings the entire Earth to your fingertips! Prepare to embark on an epic journey across our custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the world and forge your own destiny.

Originally a private, whitelisted server for popular Minecraft creators and streamers such as WilburSoot, Technoblade, TommyInnit, CaptainSparklez, and Ph1LzA, SMPEarth has now opened its doors to the public on Java Edition. Join a community of over 7000 members and immerse yourself in a world where adventure and exploration know no bounds.

In this survival multiplayer server, you have the power to shape the course of history. Create factions, form alliances, and engage in strategic battles as you navigate the dynamic political landscape. Will you be a peaceful nation focused on building a thriving community? Or perhaps you'll become a formidable force, conquering territories and asserting your dominance.

With three main servers to choose from, each offering a unique gameplay experience, SMPEarth caters to different playstyles. Engage in casual towny gameplay, build and develop your own town, and interact with a vibrant community of players. Alternatively, experience the excitement of siege towny, where battles for control and supremacy take center stage. For those seeking intense competition, factions offer a challenging and cutthroat environment where survival is not guaranteed.

Our dedicated team is committed to making SMPEarth the most advanced Earth server in Minecraft. Expect regular updates, new features, and a constantly evolving world that reflects the real-life Earth in stunning detail. Immerse yourself in the rich history, diverse landscapes, and awe-inspiring structures that make SMPEarth a truly one-of-a-kind Minecraft experience.

Join us today on SMPEarth and become a part of this extraordinary adventure. Leave your mark on the world, create lasting friendships, and conquer new horizons. The Earth is yours to explore, so start your journey now!

SMPEarth Statistics

Where can I find the IP address for the SMPEarth Minecraft server?

To locate the IP address for the SMPEarth server, you can check the server info section, typically found in the top left corner of the server details page. There, you will find the server address, which you can copy. Additionally, you may also find additional information such as the Discord server, website, and other relevant details.

How do I join and play on the SMPEarth Minecraft server?

To join and play on the SMPEarth server, start by opening your Minecraft Launcher and clicking the "Play" button. Once you're in the main menu, select the "Multiplayer" option.

Next, click on the "Add Server" button and paste the server address (play.smpearth.com) into the "Server Address" field. After pasting the address, click "Done" to save the server information.

Once you've added the server, you should see the server connection turn green. At this point, you can click the "Join Server" button to connect to the SMPEarth server and begin your Minecraft adventure.

Which Minecraft version is supported on the SMPEarth server?

The SMPEarth server supports Minecraft version 1.18. While it is possible to attempt joining with a different version, it is recommended to use the 1.18 Minecraft client version to ensure optimal compatibility and gameplay experience.