Towny Minecraft Servers

The following list will help you choose the best Towny Minecraft server to play on. Although the name may sound silly, Minecraft Towny is a serious game when it comes down to gameplay. You can buy, sell and manage land on a Towny server.

You have the option to buy a plot to build your fortress or join an existing kingdom to help them. Minecraft Towny allows players to form alliances to help protect themselves from hostile monsters. Towny is a mix of Age of Empires and Minecraft.

Minecraft Towny servers can be a great way to add another level of engagement and fun to the game. You can make the game more interesting and invested by owning a property. This list contains the top Minecraft Towny servers. Each server was carefully selected to ensure a memorable experience that you will be returning to again and again. Towny servers are great for adding new gameplay to Minecraft's beautiful theme.

Play Towny Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
6Complex Gaming

Welcome to Complex-Gaming! We currently offer a wide selection of servers ranging from Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Creative, Prison and more! Please read below for more information. Pixelmon Reforged: (Latest Version : Adds over 850 Pokemon to Minecraft) This version of Pixelmon runs ...

977/978online is the top 1.16 Minecraft network with many servers such as survival, skyblock, factions, Earth Towny, bed wars, sky wars, and much more. Your greatest adventure begins here!

12LunarSurvival SMP

Welcome to LunarSMP. Our server has the friendliest community on earth, hands down. We're an Survival server running on 1.18 with new world generation. The latest version of Minecraft. [+] Grief Protection [+] Player Ran Economy [+] Need Staff [+] Free Ranks [+] Vehicles [+] Semi Vanilla And ...


EarthMC is a geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft. Form your own town, join a nation and conquer earth! What is the EarthMC ip address? The ip to join EarthMC is

18MineRaze Survival

MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server always running the latest version. Our primary focus is providing a high quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our unique content. - Towns | Create your own Town and Nation - Jobs | Earn money from playing...

41Clan Conquest anyone can join! What is Clan Conquest? The aim of Clan Conquest is to have the most powerful clan around. It is a survival-based game, where you have lots of different skills and levels. You can see these with /profile. As you level up, you can craft better things and use b...

43FTB Infinity Evolved b...

Website: | Forum: Server address: Server Info: Expert Mode. Town land protection system (MyTown 2 Mod). Multiple chat channels. Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions. Daily and Vote Rewards. Clans and PvP. Se...

49Fire Vanilla

A survival vanilla server with a few tweaks to make the server better. PvP at spawn and a small world border. TPA PvP Warps Ranks

54OneBlockMC One Block

Welcome to OneBlock MC! ** ONEBLOCK: Turn one block into an entire world. The original and the #1. Complete quests, team up and unlock over 200 new enchantments. ** CREATIVE: Build out huge creative plots and take part in building contests to win exclusive prizes. ** SURVIVAL: Take part in a mass...


CedingCraft is a small community server, We have plenty of ways to play, a unique economy system, anti grief protection, jobs, challenges and quests, creative flight tokens, custom items and tools, warps and towns. Come along and join our community!


CivEarth is a brand new 1:1000 Earth map Minecraft server! Join over 1000 unique players with a diverse community and a mature and helpful staff. We have many unique plugins for you to enjoy including Towny, MCMMO, a digital economy, auctions, PvP Duels, marriage, quests, vehicles, dungeons and m...

63The Mining Dead

In this Minecraft rendition of AMCs The Walking Dead, fight off walkers with guns and melees, and team up with other players! Choose from over 30 unique kits, and enter our brand new 5,000 by 5,000 map! Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Come join today!

64Rebirth of Balkan

----------------------------- *elim vam predstaviti Rebirth of Balkan Minecraft Community *Forum: *Server IP: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Na Serveru vas oekuje odlian Staff team, kao i odlini ...

74Dirkocraft 2018

Dirkocraft is Back! TRUE SURVIVAL+ECONOMY - REAL MINECRAFT (Server Trailer Video ip is old ip) Due to the resilience and dedication of the Dirkocraft community, we are able to continue to run strongly into our 7th year! We are an Economy / Survival server fitted with only plugin...


We are a community-supported Minecraft server aiming to recreate the Avatar universe in Minecraft. This server opened on January 16, 2015 and has been running strong ever since. Server IP: You must have a legally purchased Minecraft: Java Edition account from Mojang to play. Minecraf...


PvPcraft free TARDIS server survival server including TARDIS plugin and Towny. Join your fellow time lords in an epic journey across space and time in the wonderful terrain pvpcraft has to offer. Journy across multiple worlds in a way you could previously only imagine.


A Minecraft Story always starts with a block. Explore the world with your friends without limits with our 24/7 server! Create guilds, promote your friends, and prove you're the best by challenging other guilds. Improve your guilds by ranking up and earn more rewards! Battle mobs! Level up you...

113OriginsMC SMP

OriginsMC SMP A semi vanilla SMP server. A fully permanent map. Runs on a dedicated server. Unmetered storage and ram. Virtually no lag. Multiple experienced developers. Custom coded. Building a community of welcome and caring gamers. Now Featuring NPC's, Quests and Daily rewards to be added ...


We are a new server that are looking to expand with players requested game modes. come and join the fun and get involved in this ever growing server

121MineTexas Public Serve...

Server Description: The MineTexas Minecraft Server network is a locally owned and operated community based in the Dallas, Texas area. We are dedicated to providing the best Minecraft Server Community experience for all Minecraft Players. We do this by hosting a wide variety of Minecraft Servers. ...

126Empire Craft

Empire Craft is a Towny Survival server running on the version 1.17. The server primarily focuses on giving the players a unique and professional survival experience. We have many features to make us contrast from other servers. Some of these features are quests, custom enchants, heads, farming u...


Wizards, witches and muggles! Have you ever felt the urge to walk around the halls of Hogwarts Castle? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend magical classes? If so, then this server is for you! IP:


Are you interested in how Economies work? Theatria is an Economy, Survival, MCMMO with Greif Protections server! Come log on and become the richest on the server! We have friendly staff! Voting rewards and lots of other magical things!

146Shadow Kingdom Network

Shadow Kingdom is a unique network of many servers dedicated to providing you the best Minecraft experience. Whether you're a build-savvy architect, competitive PvP warrior, or just looking for a place to meet a tight-knit community of friendly individuals, Shadow Kingdom Network is the place...


/server survival Explore the wilderness, rank up your classes, McMMO, Explore the real means of survival, markets, shops and more! We have free diamond drop parties Monday's and Friday's on the survival server! We customized our ranks to be chosen by the players for only a certain amount ...


Finding Towny Minecraft Servers?

That's easy, just check out our list of the Best Towny Minecraft Servers, order by popularity (number of votes each Towny server received). Whenever you're looking for small Towny server or huge Minecraft network where Towny is just one of game modes, we've got you covered. Before joining your new Towny server you should also check out server information such as rules, active players, voting rewards, and so on.