Towny Minecraft Servers

Towny Minecraft servers are multiplayer game servers that feature the Towny plugin. Towny is a popular plugin that adds a town and nation management system to the Minecraft gameplay, allowing players to create and manage their own towns, form nations, and engage in a community-driven experience.

In Towny servers, players can create their own towns or join existing ones. Each town functions as a separate entity with its own set of rules, government structure, and land management system. Players within a town work together to develop and expand their community, gather resources, build structures, and protect their town from external threats.

The primary feature of Towny is the land protection system. Towns can claim and protect their territory, preventing other players from building or modifying blocks within their land. This promotes cooperation and collaboration within a town as players work together to expand their territory and establish a thriving community.

Towny Minecraft Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to TrekCraft, where the journey begins and the possibilities are endless! With our recent reset for 1.18.1, there's no better time to embark on your next Minecraft adventure and join our vibrant community.TrekCraft is not your average server. We are a dedicated Towny/Survival server that ...

426Seventh Mirror

Welcome to Seventh Mirror, an immersive Earth server where adventure awaits! Step into a 1:500 scale recreation of our beautiful planet and embark on an unforgettable journey.As you explore the vast world of Seventh Mirror, you'll discover that gold ingots serve as the currency of choice. Use you...

439Galaktik Smp

Welcome to Galaktik SMP!Immerse yourself in an incredible Minecraft survival multiplayer experience inspired by renowned SMP servers like Dream SMP, Hermitcraft, and Empires. Join a community of talented content creators and passionate players as you embark on an unforgettable journey in the vast...

451GoldenLeaf Survival

Welcome to GoldenLeaf Survival - Where Your Adventure Begins!Experience the ultimate Towny survival journey on our user-friendly Minecraft server. We are dedicated to providing you with the best Towny survival experience, enhanced by simple yet effective plugins that amplify your gameplay. Get re...

455Shadow Kingdom Network

Welcome to the captivating realm of Shadow Kingdom Network, where the best Minecraft experience awaits you!Discover a network like no other, designed to cater to every Minecraft enthusiast. Whether you're a masterful architect with a passion for building, a fierce PvP warrior seeking thrilling ba...


MinecraftPlanetEarth: Unleash Your Geopolitical CreativityServer currently closed - Stay tuned for updates!Are you ready to embark on a grand adventure, where the players become the architects of history? Welcome to MinecraftPlanetEarth, an immersive geopolitical experience like no other. Unleash...

460The Realm

Welcome to The Realm!Prepare yourself for an exciting and balanced PVP Towny experience on our small-scale Minecraft server. In The Realm, we believe in fair gameplay and a level playing field. Create your own town, gather your allies, and engage in thrilling battles with other towns to prove who...


Welcome to GoldenLeaf, the ultimate destination for a friendly and vibrant Minecraft experience!At GoldenLeaf, we've built a thriving Survival/Towny and Creative Network that revolves around our energetic and welcoming community. We believe in transparency and hard work, striving to provide a fai...


Welcome to NuggetMC!At NuggetMC, we pride ourselves on building a trusted and welcoming community that puts your Minecraft experience first. Our server is dedicated to providing a unique and immersive gameplay environment that goes beyond the virtual realm. Step into a world where Minecraft blend...


Welcome to PVPCraft, the ultimate destination for PvP enthusiasts and time-traveling adventurers alike! Brace yourself for an unparalleled Minecraft experience where the realms of survival, TARDIS, and Towny seamlessly converge.Embark on an epic journey across space and time as you join forces wi...


Welcome to DestiCube, the ultimate destination for a unique and immersive SMP Minecraft experience! Immerse yourself in our custom-built server, designed to provide endless fun and excitement for players like you. Join our thriving community and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with adve...


Welcome to MeepCraft, the Minecraft server that has spent the last 10 years perfecting the Ultimate Economy Experience. With a rich history and a dedicated community, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with endless opportunities for adventure and camaraderie.Our diverse se...


Welcome to EpicSMP, the pinnacle of Minecraft server networks and the ultimate destination for players seeking an unparalleled gaming experience. We are the vanguard of the next generation, pushing the boundaries of what a Minecraft server can offer.At EpicSMP, we prioritize our players above all...


Welcome to SimpleTowns!In a world filled with complex and overwhelming Minecraft servers, we long for the simplicity and joy of the old days. That's why we created SimpleTowns, a server that takes you back to the roots of Minecraft and focuses on what truly matters: having fun with friends, build...


Welcome to LilFunBuild, the ultimate online creative building game that welcomes everyone! Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds and creativity thrives.At LilFunBuild, we provide a vibrant and engaging environment where players from all walks of life can come together and express th...


Welcome to SMPEarth, the ultimate Minecraft experience that brings the entire Earth to your fingertips! Prepare to embark on an epic journey across our custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the world and forge your own destiny.Originally a private, whitelisted server for popular Minecraft creators...


Welcome to Tesseract, an extraordinary Minecraft server that will take you to new heights of adventure and creativity!Prepare to embark on a journey through stunning flying islands, where boundless possibilities await. Our meticulously crafted map is filled with these magnificent floating wonders...

555Kingdom Miner

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Kingdom Miner, where you can carve your own destiny in a vibrant roleplay-based economy server. Step foot into our grand palace and experience the thrill of living like royalty, or venture deep into the coal mines, toiling away to earn your fortune. Whatever pat...


Welcome to ValorCraft!Embark on a thrilling journey into a world filled with spells, magic, and endless possibilities. Step into the realm of Valor, where courage and guts define your destiny. Immerse yourself in an immersive experience like no other, where you'll encounter a realm teeming with e...

575TheNodeMC Pixelmon

Welcome to TheNodeMC Pixelmon!A Thriving Pixelmon Adventure Awaits!Embark on an extraordinary journey in the enchanting world of Pixelmon on our server, where you'll discover an array of exciting features and a welcoming community.Impeccable Uptime and SupportEnjoy uninterrupted gameplay with our...


Welcome to Zenith!Embark on an extraordinary Towny adventure where endless possibilities await. Our server offers a unique blend of features that will captivate and immerse you in a vibrant community. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Minecraft, Zenith has something for everyone.Dive int...


Välkommen till BlubbCity, en svensk Minecraft-server som erbjuder ett bungeecord-nätverk med flera servrar och olika spellägen. Vi är dedikerade till att skapa en spelupplevelse som passar spelare i alla åldrar.Varför ska du välja BlubbCity? Låt oss ber&a...


Welcome to Alinea, a captivating Minecraft server that offers a unique and challenging hard mode survival experience! Step into a realm where the essence of vanilla gameplay is preserved, creating an authentic adventure that will test your skills and ignite your imagination.At Alinea, we pride ou...


Welcome to ThoraCraft!Step into a brand new survival multiplayer experience that promises endless adventures and a close-knit community. At ThoraCraft, we're dedicated to providing you with a unique and enjoyable Minecraft journey like no other.Discover a thriving community:Join our small but vib...


Welcome to Theatria, where the art of economy thrives in the world of Minecraft! Step into a captivating realm of wealth and opportunity, where you can unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and rise to become the richest player on our server.At Theatria, we offer a unique gameplay experience center...


Towny servers encourage players to form alliances and establish nations. Nations are larger communities composed of multiple towns that unite under a common banner. Nations provide additional benefits and cooperation between towns, such as shared resources, defense alliances, and diplomatic interactions.

Economy and commerce play a significant role in Towny servers. Players can engage in trade and commerce within their own towns, with neighboring towns, or within their nation. They can set up shops, create an in-game currency system, and establish a bustling economy that fosters cooperation and interaction between players.

Community interaction is a key aspect of Towny servers. Players can communicate with each other through in-game chat, participate in town or nation meetings, or engage in global discussions. Towny servers often have dedicated forums or Discord channels where players can discuss town-related matters, propose laws, and plan collaborative projects.

Towny servers typically have a set of rules and regulations to ensure fair play and maintain a positive community environment. Server moderators or staff members oversee the server, enforce the rules, and assist players with any issues related to the plugin or server mechanics.

Towny Minecraft servers provide a cooperative and community-driven gameplay experience within the Minecraft universe. They offer a unique opportunity for players to create and manage their own towns, interact with other players, and engage in diplomacy, trade, and teamwork. Whether building a bustling metropolis, establishing diplomatic relations, or engaging in friendly competition, Towny servers provide an immersive and social Minecraft experience.