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Towny Minecraft servers are multiplayer game servers that feature the Towny plugin. Towny is a popular plugin that adds a town and nation management system to the Minecraft gameplay, allowing players to create and manage their own towns, form nations, and engage in a community-driven experience.

In Towny servers, players can create their own towns or join existing ones. Each town functions as a separate entity with its own set of rules, government structure, and land management system. Players within a town work together to develop and expand their community, gather resources, build structures, and protect their town from external threats.

The primary feature of Towny is the land protection system. Towns can claim and protect their territory, preventing other players from building or modifying blocks within their land. This promotes cooperation and collaboration within a town as players work together to expand their territory and establish a thriving community.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

A semi-vanilla Geopolitical Server with an Earth Map! Realistic wars and politics, powerful countries and a non-toxic playerbase. Instead of using Towny or Factions for land-claiming, we use a vanilla style system of Claiming which is very convenient. Democratic Staff Elections every month! Join ...

651Olympia Earth

Olympia Earth is a 1:500 scale Towny earth server. We offer loads of fun and have a great community! We also offer a creative world where you can test designs and we also have a resource world to farm. We are always working on updating the server with great new plugins, events, and taking player ...


Welcome to NebulaMC! Our mission is to create the most welcoming and enjoyable server we can. We offer a chill community with customized plugins and ZERO pay-to-win advantages. If this sounds interesting to you, come check us out. I promise we won't disappoint.

662Flow MC

Welcome to Flow MC! Were a fresh, new innovativenetworkwith servers offering unique experiences in Factions, Skyblock, and Towny! Our purpose is to provide a unique, fun, and action-filled experience. We feature 100+ unique and fun plugins, such as unique weapons, a balanced economy, and many in-...


Spells, Magic, abilities, custom mobs, bosses, Wands, Quests... Involve yourself into the world of valor where courage and guts count, complete quests, learn spells, defeat bosses, rule nations and more!

670Annwn Roleplay

AnnwnRP is a greylist, survival, and open-world server that strives to foster a unique and high quality roleplay experience. We have: Towny Economy Roleplay warps Magic 50+ Races Tons of Lore! No PVP PVE To check us out, go to or go on our server at


Who are we? Phoxis is a small active minecraft server looking to grow the community. We strive to enhance the minecraft vanilla experience through the introduction of plugins. We have races, custom mobs, custom items, Towny and many other things! IP: Discord: Link Hope you enjoy...


REASONS TO JOIN US! GREAT COMMUNITY OFFICIAL SERVERS ACTIVE PACK TECHNIC, VOLTZ AND FLAN COMBINED! Terralization was created with a vision, which was not only was ambitious but make the pack be bigger than most others and do it mainstream as well. To even raise the goal of my vision even higher, ...


Towny - ECONOMY - FLY - BUILDNIGS - PVP - DANK MEMES - xd - plz play - am depressed - WE NEED STAFF -

695Cygen Network

Cygen Network is meant to be a non pay to win server where you and you friends can play peacefully. we are always updating and adding more to the server so make sure to check it out.

699Kingdoms and Ruins

BRAND NEW 1.18 SPAWN // BRAND NEW CRATES // RPG ELEMENTS // CUSTOM ENCHANTS - Ranks: Begin your adventure as a Peasant, and climb your way up the rank hierarchy! Rank-up to unlock access to new perks. - Towny Survival Mode: Claim some land and build your very own community from the ground up! - E...


Towny | Skyblock | Parkour | COD Zombies | Creative | Community We've spent the last 10 years crafting the Ultimate Economy Experience and certainly have a lot of history with our community. Make lifelong friends and meet new people, our staff are here to support you along the way! Our gamemo...

704MineRaze Survival

MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server always running the latest version. Our primary focus is providing a high quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our unique content. - Towns | Create your own Town and Nation - Jobs | Earn money from playing...

722Clan Conquest anyone can join! What is Clan Conquest? The aim of Clan Conquest is to have the most powerful clan around. It is a survival-based game, where you have lots of different skills and levels. You can see these with /profile. As you level up, you can craft better things and use b...

725Towny Central

Towny Central is a Minecraft Towny Server, As well as a Towny Community. Supporting versions 1.8 to the current, We strive to make an outstanding server with a friendly community. Our main goal is to make sure our players are getting what they deserve, To have an enjoyable experience on Minecraft...

751MagnaRisa SMP

***NEW*** 1.18 New Map Area w/ Custom warps to new chunks MagnaRisa is a unique survival server that focuses on building. Survival Anti-Grief Greylist system Custom spawn Frequent events Great community! Dedicated staff team! No owner, community owned! IP: Discord: http://dis...


We are an Smp with a great anticheat and even greater admins. We dont belive in banning without evidence. We also have a friendly comunity and care for everyone. Btw our economy is gold ingot based so mining is a good way to get money. Due to technical reasons we turned whitelist so comment you I...


We aim at making MySMP the SMP server for you and your friends to join, adapt, and change all at your own fingertips. Love a plugin you can no longer play without? Trust us, we all do as well, we get it. We'll download it for you if it fits our style and is non-game-breaking! The rest of the ...


Come check out any of our servers! They all work on a Grey-list feature, meaning you can log into the servers, move around, test the latency, and check out spawn, all without being white-listed. Once you are registered and promoted to member on our site, you can build, claim land, and use the num...


Alinea is a small hard mode and close-to-vanilla survival server! We are a welcoming and tight-knit community from all around the world and for people of all ages! *KEY FEATURES* - Small world with no teleports - Very Close to vanilla with minimal commands - PVP is allowed in the wild - Balanced ...

803Aeterna Gods Monster...

We are a Towny, Survival RP server based around Ancient Mythology, primarily Roman. Survive and build on your own, with friends, or join an existing town! Leave offerings and receive blessings in return from the Olympian Gods! On our server you'll find custom mobs, earn money with jobs such...

807Survival Fun

This server is a 1.18.1 survival server that is not overly restrictive. We want you to have fun and explore the new minecraft update with your friends ,but we still have rules and you hopefully will abide by them. Just play!


This is a Minecraft Faction RP server that uses the custom made map Drehmal that recently came out I'm looking for people who would be interested in playing on my server If thats you feel free to join! 25 Unique, Highly-Detailed Biomes 16 Unique Weapons + Textures Vanilla-Modified Resource Pa...

812Exotic Survival

Laid back server with a player centered play style, no pay to win and minimal rules. All including some cool server features like actual seasons and Towny alternatives.

813ProjectsCraft SMP

ProjectsCraft SMP Server with some plugins. Chill community and giveaways as well as drop party frequently. We have crates and keys that you get for voting!


Towny servers encourage players to form alliances and establish nations. Nations are larger communities composed of multiple towns that unite under a common banner. Nations provide additional benefits and cooperation between towns, such as shared resources, defense alliances, and diplomatic interactions.

Economy and commerce play a significant role in Towny servers. Players can engage in trade and commerce within their own towns, with neighboring towns, or within their nation. They can set up shops, create an in-game currency system, and establish a bustling economy that fosters cooperation and interaction between players.

Community interaction is a key aspect of Towny servers. Players can communicate with each other through in-game chat, participate in town or nation meetings, or engage in global discussions. Towny servers often have dedicated forums or Discord channels where players can discuss town-related matters, propose laws, and plan collaborative projects.

Towny servers typically have a set of rules and regulations to ensure fair play and maintain a positive community environment. Server moderators or staff members oversee the server, enforce the rules, and assist players with any issues related to the plugin or server mechanics.

Towny Minecraft servers provide a cooperative and community-driven gameplay experience within the Minecraft universe. They offer a unique opportunity for players to create and manage their own towns, interact with other players, and engage in diplomacy, trade, and teamwork. Whether building a bustling metropolis, establishing diplomatic relations, or engaging in friendly competition, Towny servers provide an immersive and social Minecraft experience.